Friday, December 14, 2012

Is The D.N.A The Stairway To The Heavens?!

As an adolescent I had a cultivated interest in the anatomy of the body & mind. It was a fascination I had until I entered the school system which brought my fascination to an end, amongst other fascinations. Thankfully, I was never a follower, always tried to develop my own opinions and seek unique, interesting material whenever I could. But when I endeavored into esoteric studies my reality took a significant shift. I realized our mind and body is infinitely more interesting and exciting than what we with have been told by teachers and mainstream scientists who are purveyors of wretched nonsense. In fact it possesses divine (I)Magick.  This is why we have a faculty called the "Imagination"

When watching this rather interesting lecture on D.N.A gnostic notions came to me that the latent part of our D.NA, ( which is ridiculously called "Junk D.N.A" by the moronic fools who possess no knowledge about anything) might be the stairway to the Heavens(or stars you could say). By accessing the latent part of D.N.A it might  give us a more intimate connection to the mysterious architect of reality. In other words, bring us to the stairway to the heavens where we can posses our real potentialities to gave us a luminous upgrade by the architect of reality (GOD)

Unfortunately it is not predominantly known that our D.N.A is an expression of energy, not a physical manifestation that is unchangeable. To say that is mind-tyranny. This indicates that our thoughts can change our D.NA, for the fact that our psychology rules everything else in our body. 

It was known to the mystics and sages of old that frequencies and thoughts can change the vibration and state of our D.N.A 
Saying this, is it possible to imaginatively visualize our D.N.A being activated to unlock our latent potentialities so the stairway of the heavens  can open for us to send electrical surges through us to open the doors of perception?!

Perhaps it's possible, but I'll let you decide that possibility for yourself!

William Blake - The Stairway of heaven

                                Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven Live 

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all is one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Alchemical death!

Mind inflamed with intensity 
When the feeling of perceptible subtleties comes
realizing your state is on the precipice of insanity 

As you enter the temple of death
where Cronos awaits your burning flesh
in the pits of blackened flames
For a murderous alchemical slash

Melancholy sounds are made
as death yearns
to make the resurrection earned

So feel your mind & body burn!

As the epochs takes it turn!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Evil Disguised As Freedom

"Evil is the obstruction of freedom"  When you spell evil backwards you get Live. How can you live without freedom?! You can't. So bear in mind when you see freedoms and rights being taken away it's an act of EVIL, not a political necessity. Furthermore, anything that's a violation to my free will is thus EVIL. Because an external force is in opposition on how I should live. Hence it being EVIL!

For instance, if I was outside smoking a joint and policeman approached me so he could  apprehend me for a smoking joint. This is considered an act of EVIL! Because, according to Natural Law. I'm allowed to do anything I'd like as long as I don't harm a fellow citizen. In reality the policeman's idea of reality is backwards, and this is why he commits acts of Evil. Remember, evil being the opposite of Live.

The definition of live is ultimately about having free will. As long as the free will is not used to violate someone else's free-will to commit acts of Evil.

It should be obvious, if thoroughly understood. we have evil disguised as freedom. What's written as law by man is irrelevant. There's only Natural Law!

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Priestess On The Forbidden Isle

Do you want to wonder?
Well, read the mystery - warlord's literary ponder. If your fancies are incline to fond to these strange worlds that lie yonder
that will make the hemispheres of the brain go asunder
Read this strange, literary ponder.

These are forbidden utters
From the world of crazed wonders!
To make the burning luminosity of your brain
go asunder

So are sure you still want to wonder? Fools!
Heed but be careful, because these linear symbols are sinful seeds
that will cling on to your brain like tormenting weeds
So are still sure you want to feed your brain to these crazed ponders?

Well, too bad. And I don't care if it makes you sad
Become wicked, like me, and ferment the brain with crazed wonders
Of hidden worlds that lie yonder
in the depths of the mind
that has been ripped asunder!

I was an outsider, misfit and no friend seeker in this wretched, levithanian kingdom filled with treachery and deceit. The bards, belonging to the cult of the dark light were told by heretical mystics of an isle where the choassophian priestess dwells, where she possessed strange apparatuses, if used wrongly would torment the mind endlessly, and perhaps give people permanent  insanity. She was also known to possess forbidden powers of magick. I was given unforgettable wonders when the bards imparted me these sayings, when the moon expressed it's crazed luminosity at the levithanian kingdom. They were strange bards, though. Bards that wore rings which had effulgent opal stones on it that expressed plemoric intelligence through it. Some say they possessed the power to make those opal stones to their personal universe, where they would enter into and fragment their conciousness to a multitude of expressions as they did this during their meditative state where their physicality would shed off , then they would go into a wondrous state of amnesia. Once they did  this they were able to enter their own world they personally created in a state of forgetfulness.

 They had long, pointy eyebrows and strange, tired bags under their eyes from the insomnia consequences of possessing a thousand and one tales within their minds. Their garbs were velvet black, with intricate purple designs, which took years to professionally fabricate. Upon the precipice was their dwelling, with weird ruins, of statues of forgotten gods and palaces. The wizards there would communicate with the forgotten ones by simply touching the ruins, being chanelled forgotten lore through their communications. Up the serpentine stairway, broken and decayed by recallless ages, stood mossed statues of weird gods. On  top of the hill stood a baphometic goat with a flute, for a fountain statue that water specifically poured out of it's flute, covered with radiant moss from the olden ages. It was known that the wizards, with their ageless wisdom would skry through the water that was contained in the fountain. Communicating with bizarre entities that inhabited planetary abodes, in highly intricate galaxies and cosmoses. To try to give proper articulation to such visions would be unnecessarily foolish. The awes that came to me were divine, godly sentiments. To put into words would lessen those precious awes & sentiments.

Afterwards, when finished listening to those queer sayings of the isle and priestess from the bards of dark light . I commenced a desire to flee this land to the forbidden isle. I went to my dwelling, in the misty forestry beyond the levithanian kingdom. It was a cabin, given to me by a heretical witch. She drew weird artistry on the walls, of cthulhuian monsters,ominous cosmoses and abysses. She also had drawings of astrological charts of this worlds and other worlds she would visit through her acutely intense dreams and astral explorations. She left me her dragon leather-bound books of occult lore from remote antiquity to me. When you hold such books in your hand you felt the energy of the ancient wizards and sages. Such feelings are miraculously thrilling. The leather was from androgynous dragons that have been long extinct. The remnants of their recollections lies in our tales and legends. Sometimes dreams would come to me of this heretical witch dancing ecstatically on the stars, while the  cthulhuian beings would fly hideously on atheric oceans of space, as they made guttural rhythms and chaotic dances. I was told rumours by the village folks that she stole the key to the chaossphere from the levithanian priests, in their foreboding palace of horrors. She wanted to dwell there eternally so she could  fuse her soul with the primordial energy of chaos.

When I entered into the cabin I decided to grab my sword, cloak and silver coins. The sword was made by a blacksmith, who was deaf and blind, but possessed high mastery of blacksmithing. He also was an incredible musickian, though he was deaf, he was still able to feel the rhythms of higher cosmos. Later, at the sea ports I traded my silvers coins for a boat made from ancient oaken wood. According to the fisherman, who I bought the boat from, the oak roots back to the primordial creation of this planet. I thanked him kindly, for it, and departed these lands to the forbidden isle I sailed. The boat was made by the small-folks who dwell in cavernous mountains who have cults with pre-dominating dogmas of not living in the light, but only in darkness. They believe the luminous rays of the sun will turn them into perishable dust. Though they are superstitious, they tend to be enjoyable folks to be around with. And needless to say, their craftsmanship has stunning merit.  They carved a oaken statue of their goddess, in front of the boat with angelic wings and strange horns on her head. I was told it would protect me when ominous things would impend. Sailing through the devia sea, known to be populated by the merfolks. Sometimes sailing through it, especially at nights, you would gaze below and see their radiant kingdoms shine visibly in the deep, sinister sea. At times, though, merfolk sorceresses would be lying on large  rocks compelling you with ther pernicious seduction. When you look into their eyes it seemed as they had diamond-esque pupils in their eyes. Their blueish white, and they had green long hair.

Later, on arrival at the forbidden isle. The land was odder than mine. It was told to me by the bards from the dark light cult that certain parts of the land was invaded by extra - terrestrial plantations that transformed people's physiology to become fungus-esque in nature. When the men had their physiology transformed to preternatural characteristics, and their women were left to their original appearance. They were afraid to what happened to their men until they showed them what they perceived with their new, radically altered conciousness by imparting some of their fleshy plantation to them to digest. When digested, they saw a radically different reality, filled with radiance and luminosity. Then they voluntarily became plantation beings , and ultimately a new race of people. Normally called the plant-folks. Now they do rites and ceremonies, with the folks made of mist dancing on the ground and  trees. As I walked by them, in the distance, upon the hill was the priestess of the forbidden isle, who knew the magick of chaossophia. Wolfs were by here, she wore a black cloak with subtle mystical designs. Her skin was fair, the hair was dark red. But strangely she had a black vertical flame painted across her eyes with purple tips to represent the black flame of feminine energies of chaos.

She brought me to her tower, by the forestry where demonic tree-esque folks dwell. Inside, I was taken to the room of conjuration, which had a cabalistic design on the floor. She gave a string instrument to me , which expressed droney rhythms while she danced to them. The cabalistic tree of life had purplish crystals in its 10 slots, which led to spheres unknown.
She approached me and said" Some people believe flesh is a trap, others believe the flesh is necessary for you to create your own soul. Regardless which one is true, we shall transcend our physical bodies by conducting sexual magick rites on the cabalistic floor. So we romantically took off our clothes, and begun it. When our states of consciousness were acute, our astral bodies were able to leave the flesh and go into the crystals in the cabalistic slots to journey to the spheres unknown. We travelled into unimaginable, strange worlds only known by mystic's of high merit. Sometimes we travelled to worlds where our astral bodies would inhabit physical bodies, then we would lose each other and find each other again through a perilous journey . Other worlds were totally spiritual, with menacing lords. And vistas with incessant serpentine labyrinths.

Finally, we came back from whence we came, then we lay on the ground from this perilous,long venture of horrors and wonders to the spheres unknown. Suddenly, a premonition came to the priestess when her raven came by. It spoke to her in raven language of deadly perils on the distant parts of the isle. She understood the language perfectly, it was taught to her by the wizards of the isle who long used the ravens for communication purposes.

Right after she told me we'll have another astral exploration and transform our astral bodies into ravens and see what perils that are taking place. This we did. And we travelled to the empire of the living dead. Made by sorcerers who posses the art of necromancy, and have made an army of the living dead to support their ruthless empire by subjugating villages on the forbidden isle to increase their power. They had  nefarious plans to awaken the old cyclop sorcerers long slumbering in the ground who posses astonishing capacities of the dark arts.
So we flew back to devise our plans at her tower to triumph them.

To be continued.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Elusive Reality Of Psychopathy part 5 - The Wolf In Sheep Clothing

The wolf's in sheep clothing who have infiltrated our social institutions have a great weakness, once they are detected as psychopaths. They've lost. It doesn't take a professional to spot them, it takes knowledge to spot them out. Once our awareness increases about them, they have no where to run.  They are pinned against the wall. The reason why the world is in a state of turmoil is because corporations and resource companies have been infiltrated by psychopaths. It's psychopathic behaviour to ruthlessly kill animals, in those corporate farms, and it's psychopathic behaviour to commit vast ecocide. It's not human nature, it's a human condition. Unfortunately, a lot of humans have been conditioned to be psychopathic. Don't misunderstand me, either. Humans are always responsible for their actions, but unfortunately a lot of humans who participate in such actions don't realize they've been conditioned to be psychopathic. A psychopathic doesn't feel no remorse, but humans do, especially when they exercise their conscience.

Fortunately, for us, it's easy to spot a wolf in sheep clothing once you're aware of this phenomenon. Perhaps when people are more cognizant about it, they will make it mandatory to test if people are psychopathic before they want to attain to certain positions in our society. Especially the prominent ones. When they become a powerful influence in our society their intent is to dehumanize. Look at what the media has done to certain area's in the states, it has totally destroyed people psychology where they rampantly claw at each other for cheap rubbish at wal-mart. Because the media has a psychopathic influence where they directly aim at people's desires and insecurities to destroy them in a cloak of benevolence. These people are deeply paranoid as well, this is why in certain areas in the world they have constant surveillance to watch everybody. Worse yet, they like to treat people as children by telling us obvious things at airports such as this" As you walk down the stairs please put your hand on the handrail when you have luggage in your hand. This is absurd to the extreme. People know this naturally, they don't need to be told this on the speaker phone.

If you want the desecration of art, ecology, free-thinking, animals and most importantly human's lives to stop. Do your self a favour, learn about psychopathy. Then pass down your knowledge to someone else so this awareness can grow. This is very serious!

As in dune, one teaches ten, then ten teaches hundred, then a hundred teaches a thousand, then a thousand teaches ten thousands. This is what needs to happen within the next 5 years, if we don't want to live in a permanent dystopia.

The Elusive Reality Of Psychopathy Part 4. Toxic psychopathy in the psychiatric industry.

"We don't have an epidemic of mental illnesses in the world, we have an epidemic of psychiatry in the world"

First of all, the human is born inherently perfect. It's the system that's broken, then psychiatrists try to fix what isn't broken with their crude methods. Psychiatry has been a history of torture. An intelligent psychopath is perfectly intrigued in psychiatry so he can have the deceitful mastery over people, then play mind-fuck games with his patients. Since the inception of this institution it has been coarse, always trying to convince individuals their mad because they can not fit into society, prescribing chemical drugs to problems which are spiritually based. Now we are living in a generation where everybody thinks they have a mental illness, because Pharma likes to meticulously target people about certain issues to the populace which makes them feel less efficient in society. However, it never occurs to the majority of the world that trying to adapt to an abnormal society will make you neurotic. And therefore accepting the pharmaceutical drugs will just make you psychically dead, an emotionless zombie in other words. 

It's totally apparent to me that a lot of psychopaths have infiltrated this institution, otherwise safer methods to heal the psyche would be employed. Not this dangerous madness. Perhaps it's time to realize that not all people are the same, and have their own specialities and weaknesses. Perspectives are not collective, everybody sees reality differently.  Sometimes what is known as a flaw can be a latent virtue. In indigenous cultures, if they witnessed a child acting strange they would take him to a shaman to see if he was a potential genius, or if the child simply was deranged. Some of these people psychiatrists  deem mad may have certain mystical faculties which allows them to see reality in a radically different view than the majority of people, which doesn't necessarily mean their mad. In fact, it's the psychiatrists who are stark mad. According to some psychologists, some schizophrenics can see through all the deceit and lies in society, and doesn't want to participate in it. Any time when someone explores new methods, it's denounced. Once realizing this, it's apparent that the people who triumph this institution are psychopathic lunatics. A sane person would be receptive to new methods, and fix it's follies. Unfortunately, we have a lot of decent people in these institutions who can't think for themselves so they abide to the crude methods and continue the dreadful torture.

It's really terrible hearing children get treated with pharmaceutical drugs and deliberately inflict pain to themselves so they can feel alive because they have been thoroughly medicated. This isn't right. So this is why learning about psychopathy has necessary importance, so people can detect them and not allow them to infiltrate institutions where they can abuse people against their volition. It's now, or never. We can let these people keep on damaging brilliant minds, because they don't fit to the accordance of their pre-conceived notions of reality. Such as this"You don't fit in the system, you're broken" Perhaps its time take into consideration that all these so called add,adhd, autistic children (or people) are here to show the world different ways to interpret reality. Perhaps its the pre-dominate view of what sanity is that needs adjusting.  

Now I leave you with the luminous star, Roky Erickson. A genius who was sent to prison for smoking marijuana and was given lobotomies, for being considered a "Mad Person" 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Elusive Reality Of Psychopathy: Part 3 - Psychopathy In The Scientific Establishment. The Nefarious Agenda Of Posthumanism.

"A terrifying future thunders toward mankind, an impending fate embodied by monstrous, blasphemous combinations of human and animal genetic materials, of man/machine cyborgs, and of beings not only with increased capacities and extended life-spans, but also with re-engineered morality void of compassion. This future is so abhorrent, as to almost defy the imagination. These new beings, and the transhumanists looking forward to their arrival, will not be benevolent. Just the opposite. Because the goal of those creating these being will be that they replace human beings, that the new race will be post -humans. The word "posthuman" sounds innocuous enough, util one realizes that "post" means " "after"

This grotesque phenomenon of post-humanism is on the precipice, with disguising panacea's of extended life and downloadable intelligence. In comparison to the biological apparatus, the human body, this hideous contraption fails to measure up to the potential faculties of  what the human body can offer. What they call "Junk Dna" contains the mysterious intelligence of the universe.  The universe created the earth and the earth created you, the human body is designed by higher intelligence and does not need to be degraded by the posthumanists and eugenicists who are trying to convince humanity to their sinister Post-Human agenda, where your potential will phenomenally increase if you buy into their lies. Of course, it's going to have certain benefits for the disable, but a human in general doesn't need a upgrade. There's a visibly distinct line between loving knowledge and gaining it, just by downloading knowledge in you won't make you intelligent. It'll just make you  an accumulator of information. These dangerously insane people, who get their products endorsed by the media are going to make pernicious dangers to our society and culture with their shrewdly cultivated machinations to create a cyborg human without emotions. Once the emotions are erased, the human can no longer create or love, he can only do what his programmed.  Some of the materialists (or atheists) who are afraid of death seem to be intrigued by this abnormal invention, of post-humanism where you can increase your life span and live longer. In remote antiquity, where high cultures expressed the importance of the immortal soul and that you should not fear death, because this life time is only a drop in the ocean of eternity.Listen to them! Obviously, they inherently understood what they were talking about, since their sciences were more advanced than ours. First of all, look at how they were in harmony with their environment and the extraordinarily magnificent architecture they made which still stands in the world today. We don't understand how they were built, much less know how to make buildings comparable to theirs.

A lot of these people who endorse this are psychologically broken, some are psychopaths, while other's are just dangerous idiots. The human doesn't need a upgrade, it's not broken. Their view of the world is. Just like what Michael Tsarion said" They try to fix what isn't broken, trying to put ear-rings on the mona lisa"

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Damonic

 physicality delusion Deemed
far superior than what the materialist's have seen

These damonic illusions are reality teemed
 to wrestle minds
To make you feel like a fiend

Since the inception of time
they've been not so kind
from their ominous signs

a trickster
to induce feelings unfine

Such beings you can not find
especially when you posses a narrow mind

Their ambiguity has always long been
But your mysterium can go on a wane
Otherwise your mind will go  Insane


Trying to make this mystery tame
but your to blame
for your shame!

Cause this sphere should not be deemed a game

Only insanity is to gain
when you think this ambiguity will become tame
And the Mystery should be known all the same
Only insanity is to gain

The Elusive Reality Of Psychopathy part 2 - The Descration Of Art

Psychopaths have successfully infiltrated social institutions in our world, for the purpose to attain money, influence and ultimately power.  One of which is the art industry they have thoroughly raped from the populace of this world. Rather than have motives to culturally enrich the world with the endorsement of artistic endeavours, they merely see it as a commodity to make profit. Nothing more. They've marginalized such artistic creations as Literature, Music, Art etc for business purposes. How can we have a real culture when people are only motivated to make art only for business purposes?! And the genuine artists have to compromise their material in order to get their material distributed and released by them?! These are the awful perils that come with not understanding the phenomenon of Psychopathy. They can elusively get by, untouched. And then, come in and take advantage of our institutions and merely use them for their personal business purposes, and foully manipulate to attain their agenda of control. Because of this, we presently live in a culture specifically designed for business, which neither enriches nor empowers the populace of the World, but only keeps them down. If people knew about psychopathy, they would find this negligible. But unfortunately a lot of people have adopted their way of thinking, this is why a  lot of people merely concentrate on financial profit and popularity, which is psychopathic-like nature.  In consequence such people as Bill gates and Donald trump are looked up to by may people and are deemed cultural heroic idols in the World. Nothing can be further from sanity...And to put this consequence, in other words, they've literally raped our magic as a species.

The Elusive Reality Of Psychopathy! Part 1

There's another type of human species on this world born without a sense of empathy towards humans. Because of this they posses a purely predatorial state of consciousness, The Psychopath.  We live in a world where discernment abilities, intuitions are absent, which allows these toxic creatures to triumph in our World. Then we have new age cults which tell people they should not judge. Seriously, to hell with that. People should be critically judgemental so they can discern the issues of their circumstances, not to neglect them and then become victims to whatever happens. Genuine evil in this world likes to masquerade itself as benevolent figures to conceal their malicious motives. If they didn't,  then people would see them for what they are, pathetic scum. This is why it's necessary to have good, critical judgemental skills in the world, so you can detect these kind of malignant creatures.

Presently, we are inhabiting a world where these toxic psychopaths are in charge of social institutions such as Churches, Governments, Hospitals, New Age Cults, Corporations,Scientific organizations, Schools and so on and so far. If you don't want to understand this phenomenon, then you have condemned the world to your ignorance. This should be knowledge that everybody should know on this earth so they don't allow these kind of toxic creatures to triumph in social institutions where they have the opportunity to abuse anybody they wish because of their power and influence.  They can kill and abuse a great number of people and not be concerned with the consequences since they were born without a conscience. Any kind of atrocities which can further their agenda, they will do. They're psychopaths, and that's what they do. They lie and take unfair advantage of people so they can attain superior forms of power in the World in the disguise of benevolence. They are good actors, since they even practice the mimicry of real human emotions so they can be successful when it comes to the foul manipulation towards other people.  I'll end it here, for now. But humanity needs to obtain lucid cognizance of this phenomenon if  it wants to survive. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Anarchy Is The Only Way Forward!

It's imperative that this world becomes anarchistic so all kinds of individuals can have freedom to do their own pursuits and move the world by their own expressions of genius, rather than have people be culturally dumbed down so they are fine with being treated as automatons where they're only allowed to produce mindless rubbish which neither enriches them nor the world, but only their masters with their attractive profits they make from their hard labour.
People generally say this external authority is the only way to keep people productive so they don't waste away their time doing nothing. This is a synonym for saying only enslavement will make people productive, which is absolute folly. People tend to adopt poisonous ideologies which is given to them by their society so the architects of control can sustain their empire. When people think the only incentive to get people to work is money , it's clear their victims of a poisonous culture. Ideally, if the world had proper education which taught you to become your own master, most people today would find today's work deplorable, without a doubt. Not to mention, in the past, people managed to develop communities and did work voluntarily before money was existent in the World. Why can we not do that today?!

Laws, however, don't prevent the problems. They cause problems to increase. Rather than going to the root of the problem, the politicians just fabricate artificial laws which is violation of the laws of Nature. The politicians have taken the place of the priest's, what's written in their book they perilously say is our reality to obey, or we shall be punished. Just absolutely comparable to the days when the church ruled over people. Of course people are going to have the obvious opinion you need these laws to keep te world in order. Nothing is further from truth, it's the system that's out of order. Fortunately, most people possess a conscience, but we live in a system which discourages people to live conscientiously so they can get successfully ahead in society by taking advantage of people. The system in itself is psychopathic, and this is why psychopaths are the most successful people in our world. A lot of people have perilously adopted their way of thinking thanks to their influence upon our culture, of expensive purchases and extensive accumulation, but no sharing. They need to sustain this strenuous influence so people don't see for what they are, pathetic individuals who can't create for themselves. Their ideologies have become culturally dominant to make people emulate such pathetic individuals to feed their extremely, unhealthy ego-orgies.  Thanks to their influence in our culture we have moronic fools who say"The boys with the most toys win" or "Without money you can't have love" amongst other toxic sayings. 

It's the time the world sees the problems in a philosophical perspective as oppose to a political one. When someone commits criminality, it's probably due to his circumstances in society. (However. to make it perfectly clear I'm not implying the criminal shouldn't be guilty for his wrong actions.) Living in a profoundly negative environment and culture which makes people more prone to self-murder, where they shut off their emotions and no longer have empathy for no one else. The world is always going to have these deeply sick individuals running around who are blind to their vices if our negative culture and environment doesn't change. This is largely caused by the pernicious influence of the media, which alienates people from their real nature. A 24-7 bombardment of toxic, negative messages specifically designed to keep people psychologically dis-empowered so the architects of control can sustain their empire. If this doesn't stop, then you will always see fragmented individuals do negative actions towards each other. Because once the populace is fragmented and psychologically dis-empowered by the hypnotic spells of the media, the architects of control can come in and provide them with the hand-rails in society for their security.

Until the day comes, if ever, where the expression of an anarchy of idea's is existent in the world, then this world will change. Because of now, there's so much suppression of knowledge and technologies which is sequestered from us that could enrich our culture and world. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Fall

In the cataclysmic age
Man's psyche became unwholesome
it virtually darkened
Only abit stayed lit
from fearsome catastrophes

A fall into matter took place
by wicked misuse of power

Then days of ominous savagery begun
Archonic lords took their advantage
from those traumatized minds
that became victims of their foul spells
when their pestilent religons took hold of their shattered minds

Trapped in their labyrinth, confused and weary
by their sorcery
Only a dim light to the path of illumination was left

But altantean wonders still linger
it creeps out of our sub-conscious recollection
into our dreams and artistries
A distant calling of old!

To be a tangible memory yet again
And shall remain a forgetless wonder!

An amnesiac species we've yet to realize we are

After long age of misery
with sub-conscious scars from our ancesotor's past horrors
done by archonic spells
Suffering and healing augments

Now a new age is on the precipice
where humanity may be free
Or become eternal slaves if they fall victims of the cyborgic ways
to make a emotionless being with their ultimate sorcery
A new fall will begin yet again

Multisphere Implement

Broaden the mind
Let the multisphere implement

Is this answer to end our worldly wretchedment?

It's a cosmic impulse
Which I oftenly muse

Such mastery of ways,
Will allow us to feel the cosmic rays
Listen to what I say

Psychic tyrannies have gone far enough unrecognized
Our realities have been compromised
No actions to defend is unwise

Push aside the dreamless fools
Allow them to dwell in their wretched hells
'cause they can't hear the calling of the higher bells

Broaden the mind
Let the multisphere implement

Such actions will bring a continuous wonderment
though it's devilishments come along with it
if psychically unfit
you will go down, down to the nethermost pits
when your shattered wits fall into the abyss

Where chaos may not be your bliss!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Sun That Turned Black

The sun blackened and the world changed. Strange cults arisen to worship the black sun and show it's reverence to it. Mankind developed clairvoyant perception to pierce through the darkness. Then strangely everything turned radiant and luminous in the darkened world.

The cultists were told lore of the days of ancient light, when the sun used to emanate light by the priestess of the Black Sun. 

The gods of this planet wanted the souls of the wicked to come to their planetary conception, so they darkened the world. When she said such strange things, she would transform her staff into a snake and suck the venom of it to alter the flows of her mind to access the words of the gods. She lived in a cave, with a curvy stairway descent to her sleeping place, with arcane symbols written on the walls in radiant, purple paint. In awakened hours she would talk about her prophetic dreams given to her from the gods of what may impend on the earthly realm.

One of which was about grotesque beasts which had a malign intent to desecrate the gods in the kingdom of the blackened sun. It was a disconcerting prophecy to utter the least. In no time the prophecy came into play and rivalries begun and the priestess did alluring chants to awaken the slumbering ones in the deepen ground to assist the battle. The strange opal jewel on her staff would absorb energy from the blackened sun and emanate it at the foes and decimate them into dust. After mighty valour and battle woe, they became victorious in the realm of the blackened sun.

Hallow's eve Magick

I should have posted this on Hollow's eve when I wrote it, but I didn't

Me and this wytch shall transform into wolves and roam wildly in the wilderness when night descends upon day. As night approaches the wall between this world and the other thins visibly. We shall enter it, and speak to the ones who have perished in this realm and passed on to the other. 

They will impart archaic secrets of this world and theirs, and talk about long lost wisdom of the Arts

Not so many years ago I practised the wytchery arts of hallow's eve. An ancestral spirit appeared and showed me the way to the other world. He told me what arcane signs to draw on the tree to enter this timeless, enigmatic realm obscured from ours. I did what he instructed, and when midnight dawned on time the tree dissolved where the arcane symbol was and made an entrance to the otherworld with thousand and one stair descent down an ancient labyrinth. Apparitions and spectres would come in and out of the walls and strange spiders had made silver webs through out the stairway. Once at the end of the stairway I went into enchanted forestry and met with fauns and demonic tree-esque entities. We danced madly to the crazed flutes that played. Later, they gave me mead in an oaken chalice which made feel slightly fatigued. So I lay down near the large radiant mushrooms and gazed upon their intricate cosmos, and then I asked "Can tell me about your cosmological tales?!

"Pitifully, we can't" said they. Then they said " The wizened sage with the silver mask who lives upon the enchanted mountains, in a tower long aged with moss can tell you the ageless, cosmological tales of our world. Journey there. Be careful of the wickedness you may encounter on your journey, though. But wait, take this unvanquishable sword of mighty vigor to vend off the evils of this realm" So I gladly obtained the sword from them, and left.

So I destined to the enchanted mountains to visit the wizened sage who wore a silver mask. Journeying to the pathway upon the enchanted mountain I heard wicked howls and fearsome noises foreign to my ears. But I kept journeying onwards until I heard hideous utterances in the grotesque forestry. There, seized with mighty fright a hideous ghoul with wicked, slit yellow eyes apprehended me and put a wavy knife to my throat, and said" The red-blood moon has arisen and the ominous ghouls need a sacrifice for our gods, and you look suitable for such things. He tied me up and put me on his black pegasus and flew to his altar of sacrifice. There, at the altar of sacrifice were a horde of ghouls wearing horned helmets and killing awesome, colourful birds and draining their blood into their chalices for their wretched rituals. Their god was an androgynous snake entity with wings from some fathomless abyss. He sat on the altar plateau awaiting his sacrifice.

Once untied I had the opportunity to escape. The ghoul who apprehended me was momentarily distracted, so I pulled out my unvanquishable sword of mighty vigour and wacked valorously at him and saw him dissolve to dust. The ghouls were aroused and stared menacingly at me, so I fled on the black pegasus and flew to the enchanted mountain to visit the wizened sage who wore the mysterious silver mask. Upon the acutely high peaks of the mountain his tower dwelled. There, I jumped off the pegasus and went toward his tower. His door was oaken with nordic-esque designs, so I knocked gently and harshly at it until he came. A man with a black cloak came to the door with his head down and looked up at me , then his silver mask shone splendourly at me.
So I told him" I'm from the dreamless world who was privy of the arcane secrecy as to how to enter this world. I acquired the cyosmological tales of your realm and was told I should go to you, wizened sage. I triumphed hideous horrors to make it here, so may I hear the cosmological tales of this realm?

He nodded his head in agreement. He told me the wondrous cosmic lore of his realm. How the aeonic entities in spaceless regions conjure these worlds through the act of imaginative dreams and the desire to create and experience a multiplicity of different realities through the creations of us and the such. He said this world is just a speck of dust in our universe, and our universe is just another speck of dust compared to the infinite.

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Enchanted Horrors Of The Double - Crested Sun Cult Of Doom

Two audacious ancient archological pursuers wanted to explore the perilous mysteries of their largely misfathomed planet, even if it led them to the precipice of irredeemable madness.
As long planned, for their irresistible inquiries into the realm of Weirdness. They expeditioned to the Bosian pyramids to explore the further subtleties and nuances that were doubtless overlooked by the other ancient archological pursuers, who were presumably ignorant about the long obscured esoteric symbolism that still has transcendental importance, for this age is heavily  bemused by the media's propaganda, and it's no wonder the virtual populace unwisely abides to such ludicrous claims fabricated by pseudo-historians.

However, there's secret societies, hidden in elusive obscurity who are arbiters of the alluring truths. They bear no publicity, or recognition. Their knowledge is only to the intiates. Members are found, not looked. When mankind increases in maturity for such expansive truths,  then they will make revelatory statements about our reality. As for the present our world is too dogmatic and chaotic for such transcendental truths that is beyond the populace kens. These two men happen to be initiates of this nameless society. The story I shall tell holds inconceivable importances to their livelihoods. As you shall see...

Well. anyway. Robert and Tony were long acquainted with  esotericism and the true alternate history of the world. Being rather thrilled about the unearthed pyramids in bosnia. They made the expedition to the bosnia pyramids to make further unconventional studies of the pyramids. As contemplated they figured the priest class of old hid certain arcane symbols from the uninitiated in them.

On arrival they sensed a foreboding allurance to the pyramids. Unsurprisingly, as expected their were soldiers making watchful surveillance of the place. They were undaunted, though, having attained masterful expertise in hypnosis. They approached them convivially, without a nervous quirk, and made a hypnotical utterance" You shall let us through lest you want troublous miseries" said Robert confidently, as he made subtle movements known to activate hypnotical entrancement in a person.

Later, inside the pyramid. the smell of penetrative putridity was almost intolerable, but not quite to give them discouragement for their explorations. Tony, out of the unknown, had a vision of cosmic delight. Queer, as it seems, he felt an impulsive urge to go to this statue of a snake-esque humanoid entity with tentacles around its mouth , and press gently on it's eyes.
When done they both were cognizant that the statue moved subtly. Curiously they pried the statue side-ways, and, to their bewilderment, it led to a spiral staircase that led to a room of bizarre crystals that shone effulgently. There were sculptural embeddments of a flamey crested-sun on the wall that had conclavic holes, with utterly weird hieroglyphic symbolism.

They long mused of their decipherments, and, finally Robert said " It makes most perfect sense this is a esoteric technological innovation of some sort, tony. In my conclusive fathoming I think we must put the crystals in the conclavic holes, and it will bend time & matter and lead us into a new worldly realm"

"Your esoteric sensibilities are sharp today", robert. said tony conclusively. So they slowly put the crystals in the conclavic holes. And, in absolute suddenness, hueic colourations came into emergence whilst the wall dripped away, like water.  Tony touched the wall, and it made a ripple affect like strange liquid, so they heroically plunged themselves into the wall and came to a world of wondrous oddments.

As they gazed about they saw trees with pinkish black flames manifestly burning. When they gazed upwards they saw the etheric, gaseous entities take on multiple formations, in pure delightful ease in the purple hueic scenery. In the far corner, on the edge of a cliff  stood a skeletal entity smoking a curvey elongated pipe. His exhalations manifestly formed into a stairway to them, in purplish hues. Behind him was an obsidian tower and above the tower was the double crested sun that was in intertwinement. The sun was pink, a dark sinister pink. We warily chose to ascend the fabricated stairs made by the exhalative smoke.

When fully ascended. The skeletal entity, who was wearing a silky robe, with arcanic symbols on it. His skull was goatish, and when they approached him" He said" Why thither to the double-crested cult sun of doom? lest you want wretched pleasures! said he, in formidable mirth, as he ripped open a portal and plunged away into an unspeakable abyss.

Fortunately this didn't thwart our audacity to venture into the unknown. On the pathway to the obsidian tower was a mystically inspired pathway of the most supernal shapes. It was conceived by dark blue stones, going up and down a hill to the obsidian tower. There they saw more gaseous entities of strange colourations giving them grimace expressions and hallucinatory visions when they neared them. At times,  they would slide underneath their feet giving them illusionary visions as though they were walking on a cosmic abyss.  however, they made intuitive discernments they were not and were left unperturbed.

As they approached the obsidian tower the clouds expressed thunderous vibrations, and to their eerie dismay. a pinkish lighting bolt struck a chuck off the tower, then a chuck of obsidian fell by them, and it morphed into an apparition that uttered an agonizing scream which almost immediately went into disappearance.

The door of the obsidian tower was qualitative opal marble, giving off wondrous reflections of the strange hueic cosmos. Up above was a orangish purple phoenix who flew in sheer velocity, making preternatural wormholic movements. Their contemplations was this remarkable creature possess mastery of time & space, and can go in & out of realms with remarkable ease.

The doors had a sculptural embeddment of the crested double sun in the opal marble that glowed in weird hideousness. The doors opened eerily, and agonizing murmurs were audible. As they walked in, on the passage way, both sides showed a multi-pleromic abysses, with permeative scenery of comets, and the middle, the only solid part was made of opal marble. They noticed that the gaseous entities were there making their illusionary visualizations. They, to their shrewd devilry, manifestly made a illusionary visualization where it seemed as though the passage way had fallen to the abyss. The men being keen to such illusionaries continued to walk, as if they were walking upon the abyss, without anything visibly supporting their bodies.

Near the end they saw another door in the shape of the double-crested sun, and beside it were opal marble statues of the snake-humanoid with tentacles around their mouth. The eyes had crystals in them showing strange abysses that emanated greenish hues. When they opened the double-crested sun door they heard enchanted murmurs of the womanly beauties inside. Upon entering the room they heard eloquent utterances of a hypnotical nature. There were women dancing, playing harps and drums.

Entranced by the womenly beauties and music they unquestioningly accepted their strange opiate drugs that were given to them in an opal, elongated hookah with mystically weird sculpted designs on it

Momentarily afterwards, amidst the indulgence, as they sat on top of silky cushions that had wild geometrical shapes on it. A women with red-hair purely nude who had a tattoo of the double-crested sun on her back came to them, and sat next them. She took an inhalative puff from the hookah, and then, as she exhaled the soupy smoke made an apparition. And she said "Welcome to the double-crested sun cult of Doom Nothing is what it seems". As she uttered this, the men noticed subtle shifts in their present appearances. The flashes of the demonic snakoids would make sudden morphs in & out of them. As they put away the strange opiate drug, and started to engage themselves in contemplative concentration. They became less heedless to their illusionaries, and saw for what their genuine identities were.... demonic entities with scimitar swords.

Upon their disconcerted realization they almost immediately fled, and went out the door as all the women transformed  into those entities. When by the door the opal statues of the entities lowered their swords in front of them to hold them back, so they smoothly ducked underneath them, and went onwards to the passage way. The gaseous entities took notice of them, and totally morphed the passage way. Undismayed, they went on it regardless of what had occurred. So the entities shrouded the door into an illusionary abyss, and to their keen discernments they were able to make out where the door used to be. When opening it seemed as though they were opening a portal into an unexplored world, deeming the door was shrouded in an illusionary visualization of an abyss.

When they arrived to the place from whence they came. They noticed they had one of the bizarre crystals in their bag, so they took it out. But to their ill-luck, they were devoid of knowledge as to how to get back, so robert decided to regress tony to see if can recollect any symbols in the Bosinan pyramids under his hypnosis.

It successfully worked. Tony drew a symbol on the orange sand, and to his repossessed knowledge, stuck the crystal in the middle of it, and then, in sheer suddenness, he made a esoterically inspired utterances to open up the portal. "Seeia kookfa baha baha baha baha Seeia kookfa baha baha baha baha Seeia kookfa baha baha baha baha Seeia kookfa baha baha baha baha  Seeia kookfa baha baha baha baha" uttered he, in supreme intensity.

The matrix of reality rippled open to the bosian pyramid, so they smoothly jumped into the other side, distraught from their perilous exploration into the unknown. As they ascended up the pyramid through the passage way that led outside they took recognition to the solider who had his back facing them. So robert approached him to give him hypnotical utterances. He padded the solider on the back and, to their horror, the solider had a tentacle face like the demonic entities, and uttered deadly mirth to their faces....

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Does symbolic illiteracy make people more prone to Violence?!

"One might expect that the inventors of the alphabet would have excelled culturally, or that creativity that inspired the alphabet would lead to other significant advances. Yet the only area in which the phonecians can be credited with innovation is in the art of naval design....The most vivid description of phonecians come not from their own pens but from their enemies, the romans. in the final roman stages of the roman siege of carthage, the phonecians threw several hundred children, drawn from the finest families, onto stoked fires with bronze belly of the god moloch. This cruel deity could only be appeased by human sacrifice." 

As cilizations progressed from image based communnications, such as pictographs hieroglyphs, to non -iconic forms such as cuneiform, written communications became left-brain oriented. An alphabet, being the most abstract form of writing, enhances the left-brain values the most.. Unlike icons, which often evolved from images of things, an alphabetic word bears no resemblances to the object or action it symbolizes"
Alphabet Vs The Goddess by Leonard Shlain

Upon reading the Alphabet Vs The Goddess by Leonard Shlain where it displays an overview of history of societies that started to become more alphabetical, rather than symbolic which led the societies to become patriarchal. By becoming patriarchal it led to the subjugation of Women, too, since the left-brain became dominant when people started to read information alphabetically, according to Leonard Shlain

Knowing literature is linear and less dynamic than symbolism  it mostly gives stimulus to the left-side of the brain, the masculine side. For that matter, using your left-brain more than your right- side of your brain should make you more rigid and tense, which might be the reason why people being symbolically illiterate might make them more prone to violence, for having that imbalance. On saying that, the right-side of the brain is the feminine side, which is where creativity flows. If we had a culture which encourages people to become symbolically literate wouldn't this make people have psychological equilibrium? ! Perhaps it would. As oppose of people looking at numbers and words everyday, which keeps us locked in the left-brain, and ultimately stops the flow of consciousness. If your always thinking in words and numbers you might become very frustrated and tensed up. Here's Gary Lachman making a reference to Colin Wilson

"Wilson sees the roots of crime and cruelty in the sudden development of left-brain consciousness"
Gary Lachman, A secret history of consciousness

Colin Wilson is known for doing extensive studies in serial killers and Violence, by the way. We should start asking the question if the encouragement of symbolic literacy might make our world less violent and more peaceful, perhaps.

We hear about violent criminals who were inarticulate until they started to read books in prison. When they started to do this they became more peaceful and calm since they learned how to express themselves through words. Wouldn't learning how to become symbolically literate make you more peaceful since your using your brain holistically when you read them?

‎"Symbolism should be employed throughout the process of education, for by it two definite ends are attainable. First, the student will instinctively reveal to the teacher the constitution of his reasoning part by interpretation he places upon the symbols; second, the student will be stimulated to originality and thereby preserve peculiar technique of his own rational processes. The death of originality is the death of genius.

Symbolism encourages originality, and hence is productive of genius, Symbols can be devised to induce almost any desired thought or emotion, By the use of emblematic figures alone, abnormality can be corrected and subnormality raised to a normal state"

Manly P Hall
Lectures on ancient Philosophy

Symbolic literacy should be imperative in our education to make us more psychologically holistic. If it 's true what Leonard Shlain articulated in his book, where societies and cultures started to devalue the feminine values when literacy triumphed over symbolism, we should start taking symbolism seriously then. Although we should not get rid of our literacy, but we should  use symbolism once again in our culture. This will make us more dynamic and creative as human beings, it'll open up the right brain more and let the feminine energy flow through us more frequently. It might even open up higher transcendental realms to us.

"All photographs increase the status of the image -recognition skills of the right brain of both sexes. The factor in reinforces a cultural interest in art, myth, nature nurture and poetry."

If so,  what would symbolic literacy do to us ?

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The Occult Science Of Ritualism

We like provocative, magickal potency here in the realm of the Mystery Warlords.

Is matter stagnant energy developed by our lack of vibrational movements?! For instance, tentatively speaking,is it plausible to transcend matter by raising our vibrational frequency to higher state of existence where realities are less dense. Ritualism, for that matter, can change our vibration by making musical movements in which we become less stagnant. Needless to say our D.N.A is a vibrational  form of energy, and sounds and vibrations have a direct influence upon it. It almost seems Ritualism is an apparatus which can enable us to transcend the lower densities. Should we take Ritualism in the western world more seriously? I think so. This statement has deep relevance to what I'm trying to address.

"The only thing that anchors us in the third density is our state of consciousness. When we conduct our thinking in a mechanical and rigid manner, we keep our consciousness coarse. This prevents it from interacting with other densities" Neil Kramer

Knowing this wouldn't ritualism help us become less rigid and flexible, and ultimately spiritual beings? Perhaps it does!
Also, when we do these rituals are we giving the earth significant stimulus to it, too, so it can raise it's vibration and ultimately this action makes the enrichment of the earth and humanity existence. I'm of the opinion these are metaphysical questions we should start asking in our World, if we crave for the spiritual, that is. Ultimately, as a species, we must transcend our passive nature to evolve, though it's hard and struggling in this era of existence where we can hardly move around and be free. But we should never disregard the relevance and importance of it because of those matters. We look at such occult traditions with foreign and ignorant eyes considering they have long perished in the Western World

"For those interested in Philosophy today we often hear the remark"We have outgrown rituals and symbols. They belong to another age, some previous cycle that has spun it's time and long since vanished into the discard". But is it not more than passing strange that we should outgrow all that was beautiful in those worn-out ages and yet hug to ourselves the same vices that they served all too well? We have reedited and considerably amplified the first books of iniquity, but what of the Book of Beauty and Truth? 
Why have we not outgrown the evils of the past, how can we have outgrown its virtues ? How can a man say, "I live in new age" and steal more brazenly than Spartans, intrigue more muderously than the Eygptians, kill more wantonly than the Romans, and oppress more heartlessly than the Bramans?"

Manly P Hall

We never outgrow the past any more than we out grow our own childhood, for maturity is something added on. It is the complement, not the contradiction of that which for the child is the beginning, the point of unity from which all the rest springs like the oak from the acorn. The past is the abiding place of tender memories; of wise experiences. It is the fountain of beauty, life, and truth, and although this fountain flows through all ages to make fertile the distant corners of creation, yet shall it never be greater than its own source"
Manly p hall

Can ritualism be used for therapeutic purposes? Well we are after all vibrational forms of energy. So why can't chants and rhythms change our state of energy ? It seem undoubtedly plausible to me.

"By means of chants and mantras, which emphaized certain vowel and consonant sounds sounds, they set up vibratory reactions which dispelled congestions and assisted nature in reconstructing broken members and depleted organisms. They also applied their knowledge of the laws governing vibration to the spiritual constitution of man; by their intonings, they stimulated latent centers of consciousness and thereby vastly increased the sensitiveness of the subjective nature."Manly P Hall 

Say it is conceivable to develop a more artistic form of treatment where we use chants and rituals to heal the wounded and sick . Perhaps people lying in hospitals, sick and passive is horrible for their state of energy, and chants and rituals would be more suitable to heal such people

Oriental races have a keen realization of the dynamics of sound. They know that every spoken has tremendous power and that by certain arrangements of words they can create create vortices of force in the invisible universe about them and thereby profoundly influence physical substance.
Manly p hall

More significantly you see the Eygptian temples how they are rounded and are not square. Has it ever occur to us circular buildings are appropriate for ritualism since energy can flow more smoothly in it. As we mentioned above about the sick and wounded people, wouldn't it be better if they were held in a circular building where chants and rituals come into play? You decide. I'm hear to create questions and help us come to a better understanding of our existence but you ultimately make the decisions. Lets wisely bear this in mind!

"We have lost the art of ritualism - the science of divine dramatics - yet dissemination of philosophic verities it is often necessary to resort to figures and symbols to convey those subtle facts incommunicable by literal method. The only reason men demand that direct and simple is that they ignore those elements of life which cannot be stated directly. The Great Arcanum perpetuated through ages by diverse means depended upon ceremonial and processional for the exposition of certain principles, particularly concerned with aesthetics. The crassness of the our present attitude is largely responsible for the disregard for ritualism that exists in our national life" Manly p hall

Can Ritualism help us tap into does latent faculties in our minds so we can become greater beings? Lets starting pondering and asking such questions. Does it help us activate the potentialities within us? These are significant questions we should ask ourselves!

Better yet what do Rituals around Megalithic stone circles do to our consciousness, considering they put their to stimulate energies?!

Those should be some provocative question to feed your head with!

Society's Lunacy: The Crazed Psychopathy Of The World. The present ways must perish for the NEW

"We must all the face the fact that our leaders are certifiably insane or worse" William S.Burrough

Why is it in this present age we happen live in has a system which allows the scum to rise to the top, rather than the cream, and we all collectively pay for it. Our freedom's are systematically eradicated by the few who are in power who like to keep us in ever-lasting bondage.

It's a shame of this age we allow such psychologically deranged people to be in power, and only a minority of people speak out openly against this madness. These people can't control themselves, let alone the World and yet we allow them to triumph in our societies. So now, finally, we have an adequate grasp of psychopathy which allows us to know how to cite out Psychopaths, and we must not take such knowledge for granted. It's time to say "NO" to their illusionary dominion. In reality they have no dominion over us and authority is ultimately not the Truth. Authority derives from the word "Author", and  Laws are nothing more than spells written by them.  Upon knowing this we should not let authority become the author of our lives.


                            Be wary of his voice, he might put a spell upon you!

These toxic, foul psychopaths are so afraid of life they want to destroy any potentiality of life has to offer, they can't bear to see life grow spontaneously, and freely in the World. They must live in a world of Death so they can live comfortably. As someone once said "They are Bio-phobic psychopaths" 
The time has come to be become vigilant to such problems in our midst, if we want a world of freedom in the future. 

We're on the threshold of a global watered down culture, trying to force a cultural dominion over of us. A culture of cheap rubbish and awful fast food. Little do people know the food they supply us is a form of Mind - Control. The food is genetically perverted which perverts your genes when you digest the food. You are what you eat, after all. There's a lot of relevance and significance in that saying. So, in the dire need for change we should start supporting the local underdogs who compassionately and passionately make their material, as oppose to supporting these heartless, soulless corporations noticeably run by psychopaths. We must put an end to this foul madness by supporting the local and small companies who make their material qualitatively, with sheer love, for what they have to offer. 

This is the kind of world we want to work toward

..."The final goal of world revolution is not socialism or even communism, it is not a change in the existing economic system, it is not the destruction of civilization in a material sense; the revolution desired by the leaders is a moral and spiritual revolution, an anarchy of ideas by which all standards set up throughout nineteen centuries shall be reversed" Neta Webster

That's right, you heard it, an anarchy of ideas which could illuminate and enrich our lives for the better. Finally the time has come where we can freely disseminate our idea's on the internet in which we don't get suppressed by the media. This is important for our intellectual and spiritual growth so we can expand our awareness with an anarchy of ideas on the cyber realm. Perhaps this can even lead to the gradual growth of a wholearchical system, and not this hierarchical one where we get systematically oppressed by the people in power. This is an age of SOLUTIONS! Perhaps we should think about a system where all people serve eachother so all people can be free, rather than the majority of people serve a privileged few which doesn't benefit us at all as a whole.

So was it the shamans, druids or in anybody of that likeness talked about wholearchy? Because it's the only system that can be successful amongst it's people. Hierarchy is a form of psychopathy. A man of real power doesn't want to have control over people, so why must we sit back and allow these toxic maniacs to do what they want which is not reasonable to us. It has to end. There's too many toxic people in power where they create our decisions for us. Needless to say there's a reason why the Druidic Priestclass of old had a system where you had to be morally pure to become a Druid. In our day and age it has been reversed, anybody who is able to jump through the hoops can become a Doctor, Politician, or an owner of a corporation. We don't even ask if these people are morally pure for their positional responsibility. This why you see slavery triumph over freedom, pharmaceutical drugs triumph over herbal medicine, indoctrination triumph over education. This is even why you see McDonald's at Hospitals. It all needs to end soon. Well, anyway I'll end here until next time 

"The solution is simple. By recognizing and claiming our own sovereign power to create reality. - actually exercising it - we connect that which is unreal. Knowing this make it infinitely harder to influence and returns the power of creation back to the real masters of reality - us." Neil Kramer

Hawkwind - Children Of The Sun

The Golden Age Of The Future Comes
That Which Was Dreamed Of In The Past
Where Freedom reigns on minds of peace
Minds rich in wisdom to the last
We are the children of the sun and this is our inheritance
No Longer Chaos And Confusion
But Love And Laughter
Song And Dance

                      Become The Master Of Your Reality !

In The Realm Of The Holiness

It was known to the ancients, and it shall be known to us again that man is the Microcosm of Macrocosm. He's the epitome of a mini-universe, an inseparable entity from the cosmos, so to speak. The outer realm is but a reflection of the inner realm.

                    As Black Sabbath Stated " The Symptom Of The Universe Is Written In Your Eyes"

Though they perhaps didn't realize the deep significance and relevance of what they had written in their lyrics is knowledges humanity unconsciously strives for, in these bleak and unmystical times, of horrible delusion.

Upon a direct gnosis I had awhile ago I instantly, and magically realized that the Rainbow is the equivalent colours of our Chakra System. In consideration of what our wise ancestors said that the inner and outer our realm is inseparable it seems almost as though this is an emanation of our inner realm. 

Now, let's delve appropriately, in the Mythology Of Old to see what is relevant to this phenomena.

I know that I hung on the windswept tree for nine full nights,
Wounded with a spear and pledged to odin 
offered, myself to myself
The wiset know not from whence spring
the roots of ancient tree.

They did not comfort me with bread,
and not with the drinking horn 
I peered downward,
I grasped the "Runes" screaming I grasped them

Nine powerful spells I learned
from the famous son Bolthor 
father of belsta 
and I got draught of precious mead
poured magic from Orderir 

Learned I grew then, lore-wise
grew and prospered well 
word from word gave words to me
Deed from deed gave deeds to me

Of course this was an initiatory Rites Of Passage. for the Nordic Tradition. It's known in india people savagely torture themselves to enter into alter state of consciousness, and The American Natives do fasting methods to do the same objective as well. So this poem is implicitly saying the intiate hung on a tree for  9 long night wounded with a spear most probably trying to aspire to altered state of consciousness so he can enter the spiritual realm to have a visionary quest

"The Ancient Cultures of middle earth seemed to be based on a shamanically inspired vision of life, as we shall see later. This means that their notion of the structure of the cosmos, and the spiritual realms, was discovered for them by wizard's - people who could enter into trance states which they believed could enable them to transcend the earthly realm. "Fly" into the other worlds of spirit, and return with descriptions of the geographies of those scared places" Brian Bated The real middle earth

Does such visionary scenery as Valhalla emanate from within us when we aspire to such altered states of consciousness ? When leparchaun's, in Irish Folklore say" Pot of gold is over the rainbow" are they addressing the alchemical metaphor that gold means higher states of awareness? Perhaps it does.  Do these realm lay latent in the unconscious. Once they are awaken do we emanate them from within us?

"Odin saw the Upperworld and Middle World were connected by bridge of fire, a flaming rainbow bridge, called bifrost. This can sometimes be glimpsed from within every state of consciousness Snorri sturlson says" You will have seen it but maybe you call it the rainbow. It has three colours and is very strong, and made with more skill and cunning than other structures. The Trembling Way Bridge transported the wizard from the world of the mundane reality to the otherworld, the transcended states of consciosness" Brian Bates

Are these transcendental realms latent in our psyche, and can only be reveal through higher states of consciousness which is why were are not privy to such sceneries?! Perhaps so. 

We see absolutely amazing similarities with our brain neurons and the tree's. Why is that? Well, I believe the external manifestations come from our inner world. For instance 

Can't you see the distinct similarities in there structures? The bottom part of the neuron has basically the same structural formation as the roots of the Tree, and on top of that the branches look similar to the upper part of neuron. It's truly mind-blowing when you honesty think about it. The comparisons are beyond coincidence.
Now, lets go deeper!

"Tree's were not external objects, but also formed a pathway for people to move into the spirit world. Far back, Norse legends tell us, the god Odin, archetypal Wizard, climbed into a tree, from there journeyed through the realms of spirit, and came back with the map of cosmos"Brian Bates

Can we, tentatively speaking, enter to the pathway of the tree when the neurons in our brain open. "As within so without" as the saying goes. Once the electrical, spiritual charge goes through our neurons will the pathway open for us? Perhaps so! Not to mention we have a psychic connection to matter which should allow us to do such manifestations. 

"Today we would tend to conceive of the otherworld as being located in our psyche, perhaps deep in our conscious."

Now, lets go even deeper into the Mighty unknown. Hold on tight!

The cosmology of middle earth

According to the myth odin climbed into a tree, stayed there for 9 days and nights without neither food nor water, and had a transcendental experience where a eight legged horse appeared inside the tree which he rode the otherworld with. 

"They lie at the heart of all shamanic visionary activity, and odin's journey on The World Tree echoes apparently universal experience of shamans in all cultures, and all times. In tribal cultures whose traditions survived into modern times, anthropologists have described how apprentice shamans acquire their helping spirits, those "beings"  which advise, give healing powers and assist in journeys to worlds of knowledge. To journey there, they carry out highly ritualized, sacralized and impeccably executed retreats into the "untamed" landscape are well beyond the normalizing and secure bounds of human society" Brian bates 

So odin(or the initiate) presumably encountered a spiritual entity, the 8 legged horse which guided him in the otherworld to fulfil his destiny.  Yggdrasil has 3 levels, lower, middle and upper earth. This most probably coincides with the holy trinity 

I'll expand upon this in other times. For now I'll leave with this!

White Magic / Black Magic

I believe in miracles
I don't believe in sin
I believe in wizardry
I don't believe in trends
White magic / Black magic
Which am I to choose?
I believe that is up to me
I don't believe in you
I believe in fairy tales
I don't believe in lies
I believe in innocence
I don't believe your eyes
White magic / Black magic
What am I to do?
Charmes and curses screaming from
Me each one aimed at you
I believe in second chances
I don't believe in firsts
I believe that it's getting harder
I don't believe in worse
White magic / Black magic
Both become my tools
Pressure rising, perish now
You optimistic fool