Monday, December 3, 2012

The Elusive Reality Of Psychopathy! Part 1

There's another type of human species on this world born without a sense of empathy towards humans. Because of this they posses a purely predatorial state of consciousness, The Psychopath.  We live in a world where discernment abilities, intuitions are absent, which allows these toxic creatures to triumph in our World. Then we have new age cults which tell people they should not judge. Seriously, to hell with that. People should be critically judgemental so they can discern the issues of their circumstances, not to neglect them and then become victims to whatever happens. Genuine evil in this world likes to masquerade itself as benevolent figures to conceal their malicious motives. If they didn't,  then people would see them for what they are, pathetic scum. This is why it's necessary to have good, critical judgemental skills in the world, so you can detect these kind of malignant creatures.

Presently, we are inhabiting a world where these toxic psychopaths are in charge of social institutions such as Churches, Governments, Hospitals, New Age Cults, Corporations,Scientific organizations, Schools and so on and so far. If you don't want to understand this phenomenon, then you have condemned the world to your ignorance. This should be knowledge that everybody should know on this earth so they don't allow these kind of toxic creatures to triumph in social institutions where they have the opportunity to abuse anybody they wish because of their power and influence.  They can kill and abuse a great number of people and not be concerned with the consequences since they were born without a conscience. Any kind of atrocities which can further their agenda, they will do. They're psychopaths, and that's what they do. They lie and take unfair advantage of people so they can attain superior forms of power in the World in the disguise of benevolence. They are good actors, since they even practice the mimicry of real human emotions so they can be successful when it comes to the foul manipulation towards other people.  I'll end it here, for now. But humanity needs to obtain lucid cognizance of this phenomenon if  it wants to survive. 

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