Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Sun That Turned Black

The sun blackened and the world changed. Strange cults arisen to worship the black sun and show it's reverence to it. Mankind developed clairvoyant perception to pierce through the darkness. Then strangely everything turned radiant and luminous in the darkened world.

The cultists were told lore of the days of ancient light, when the sun used to emanate light by the priestess of the Black Sun. 

The gods of this planet wanted the souls of the wicked to come to their planetary conception, so they darkened the world. When she said such strange things, she would transform her staff into a snake and suck the venom of it to alter the flows of her mind to access the words of the gods. She lived in a cave, with a curvy stairway descent to her sleeping place, with arcane symbols written on the walls in radiant, purple paint. In awakened hours she would talk about her prophetic dreams given to her from the gods of what may impend on the earthly realm.

One of which was about grotesque beasts which had a malign intent to desecrate the gods in the kingdom of the blackened sun. It was a disconcerting prophecy to utter the least. In no time the prophecy came into play and rivalries begun and the priestess did alluring chants to awaken the slumbering ones in the deepen ground to assist the battle. The strange opal jewel on her staff would absorb energy from the blackened sun and emanate it at the foes and decimate them into dust. After mighty valour and battle woe, they became victorious in the realm of the blackened sun.

Hallow's eve Magick

I should have posted this on Hollow's eve when I wrote it, but I didn't

Me and this wytch shall transform into wolves and roam wildly in the wilderness when night descends upon day. As night approaches the wall between this world and the other thins visibly. We shall enter it, and speak to the ones who have perished in this realm and passed on to the other. 

They will impart archaic secrets of this world and theirs, and talk about long lost wisdom of the Arts

Not so many years ago I practised the wytchery arts of hallow's eve. An ancestral spirit appeared and showed me the way to the other world. He told me what arcane signs to draw on the tree to enter this timeless, enigmatic realm obscured from ours. I did what he instructed, and when midnight dawned on time the tree dissolved where the arcane symbol was and made an entrance to the otherworld with thousand and one stair descent down an ancient labyrinth. Apparitions and spectres would come in and out of the walls and strange spiders had made silver webs through out the stairway. Once at the end of the stairway I went into enchanted forestry and met with fauns and demonic tree-esque entities. We danced madly to the crazed flutes that played. Later, they gave me mead in an oaken chalice which made feel slightly fatigued. So I lay down near the large radiant mushrooms and gazed upon their intricate cosmos, and then I asked "Can tell me about your cosmological tales?!

"Pitifully, we can't" said they. Then they said " The wizened sage with the silver mask who lives upon the enchanted mountains, in a tower long aged with moss can tell you the ageless, cosmological tales of our world. Journey there. Be careful of the wickedness you may encounter on your journey, though. But wait, take this unvanquishable sword of mighty vigor to vend off the evils of this realm" So I gladly obtained the sword from them, and left.

So I destined to the enchanted mountains to visit the wizened sage who wore a silver mask. Journeying to the pathway upon the enchanted mountain I heard wicked howls and fearsome noises foreign to my ears. But I kept journeying onwards until I heard hideous utterances in the grotesque forestry. There, seized with mighty fright a hideous ghoul with wicked, slit yellow eyes apprehended me and put a wavy knife to my throat, and said" The red-blood moon has arisen and the ominous ghouls need a sacrifice for our gods, and you look suitable for such things. He tied me up and put me on his black pegasus and flew to his altar of sacrifice. There, at the altar of sacrifice were a horde of ghouls wearing horned helmets and killing awesome, colourful birds and draining their blood into their chalices for their wretched rituals. Their god was an androgynous snake entity with wings from some fathomless abyss. He sat on the altar plateau awaiting his sacrifice.

Once untied I had the opportunity to escape. The ghoul who apprehended me was momentarily distracted, so I pulled out my unvanquishable sword of mighty vigour and wacked valorously at him and saw him dissolve to dust. The ghouls were aroused and stared menacingly at me, so I fled on the black pegasus and flew to the enchanted mountain to visit the wizened sage who wore the mysterious silver mask. Upon the acutely high peaks of the mountain his tower dwelled. There, I jumped off the pegasus and went toward his tower. His door was oaken with nordic-esque designs, so I knocked gently and harshly at it until he came. A man with a black cloak came to the door with his head down and looked up at me , then his silver mask shone splendourly at me.
So I told him" I'm from the dreamless world who was privy of the arcane secrecy as to how to enter this world. I acquired the cyosmological tales of your realm and was told I should go to you, wizened sage. I triumphed hideous horrors to make it here, so may I hear the cosmological tales of this realm?

He nodded his head in agreement. He told me the wondrous cosmic lore of his realm. How the aeonic entities in spaceless regions conjure these worlds through the act of imaginative dreams and the desire to create and experience a multiplicity of different realities through the creations of us and the such. He said this world is just a speck of dust in our universe, and our universe is just another speck of dust compared to the infinite.