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Do Artists Penetrate Into The Unknown?!

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To The Realm Of The MYSTERY Warlords

There's enigmatic depths unacknowledged in the endless immensity of our consciousness. Consciousness is a phenomenon rarely properly conceptualized in our woefully foolish culture. It's time, in my sensible opinion, to cease the rectification of this phenomenon and say it comes to us, we channel it. We receive ideas from an unfathomable source of unfinished creation, thinking it merely conjures in our head. Since out-of-body-experiences have become recently known phenomenons, it should be lucidly cognizant to people today that we can manage to consciously think outside of our bodies and function somehow whenever this occurs. The current paradigms of our consequentially limiting knowledge about consciousness thwarts us to understand this, sadly.

"The artist is the antennae of the race" Ezra Pound

This statement can also be seen as a specific implication that our brains is an antennae, channeling the watery waves of consciousness, whether or not he intended it to express that definition, It can still be used analogically.  Artists, on the other hand, have their minds ripened and can access higher forms of consciousness. Somehow the unfinished universe acknowledges these artistically active minds, like advanced antennas, and bestows them interesting artistic ideas. They come to them. "Eureka", in other words. The artistic ideas just don't solely manifest in the mind, but are naturally channeled to them from a higher essence.

"Art is the Queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world" Leonardo Da Vinci

Art can be used as a legitimate science to engage both of the hemispheres of our brain to understand higher noble, truths of life. The mysterious apparatus known as the imagination has the capacity to envision how general knowledge can be can understood through stories and artistic images. Leonard Shlain expresses in his lectures and books how the artists are the unknown visionary scientists who unwittingly capture the phenomenon of physic discoveries in their art long before the scientist does so. 

      "Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time & Light" Lecture by Dr. Leonard Shlain

"Art can communicate before it's understood" T.S Eliot

In this article Christopher Knowles expresses the parallels between Comic artists and Shamans. Shamans are known as the visionaries in the culture who see the world in a refreshingly unique perspecitbe by delving into the uncharted spheres of  the consciousness phenomenon. Such immersive activities enables them to access the latent states of consciousness and come back with uncanny visions of what they perceptually captured. 


"There is nothing in the world except empty curved space. Matter, charge, electromagnetism, and other fields are only manifestations of the bending of space. Physics is geometry" John Archibald Wheeler 

When artists depict highly strange artistry such as this, are they penetrating into the unknown astral gates? Seeing the bending, swirling and twisting of space & matter before their widened perception. Since artists have the capacity to use both hemispheres of their brain, it must be a less of a challenge for them to open the gates of the unknown and capture it's manifested essence through paper.

Clairvoyants are known to see colorfully effulgent energies  in their evolved perception. People who indulge in mind-altering drugs see similar states of consciousness. The drugs trigger dormant faculties of the brain and allow the waters of consciousness to drop into the mind, allowing the periphery of your limited vision to widen.

I completely disagree with Aldous Huxley when he postulates that we would not have civilization if we possessed these states regularly. First of all, when we access these states through mind-altering drugs we have a immediate, sudden change in our consciousness that allows to experience these states, superficially. They are  a short cut to these immediate alter-states. So once it occurs we are hopelessly enchanted and awe-struck by the changed reality. Our minds are undisciplined when we it comes to altered states since  we're given no preparation for them . And this is why we can not  function properly under them.

But through rigorous meditations and mystical practices we can access these states with a disciplined mind ready to comfortably tolerate the peculiarities that comes with it. And needless to say, act functional with clairvoyant perceptions.

"There is a case for saying that the creation of new aesthetic forms has been the most fundamentally productive of all forms of human activity. Whoever creates new artistic conventions has found methods of interchange between people about matters which were incommunicable before. The capacity to do this has been the basis of the whole of human history" J. Z young

It's my firm understanding and belief that antique civilizations and cultures expressed the incommunicable through mythology and hieroglyphic imagery art, realizing these methods communicated to the brain wholistically. Myths and Art helps express the incommunicable in endless formations and ways, there's no official way how it should be expressed. Contrary to what you see in the mainstream's dogmatism of Science. They allow Mysteries of life to flow continuously in the river of creation. Unlike dogmatic science, where it wants to solve the unsolvable and stamp out the fascinating mysteries of Life... But anyway, these scientific  abstractions can be expressed in other ways of manifestations, such as art.

As Patrick Harpur says, in "The Philosophers' secret fire"

"The labyrinthine shape-changing of myths mirrors the pathways of soul which seems more interested in the movement of its idea than in the resolution of problems. Therefore no classical psychological problem can ever be solved... It is as if we recognize the contradictions of our human existence and are intensely preoccupied with them. We are self-transcending, paradoxical beings - both part of Nature, for example, and yet outside of it. We use abstractions to express our contradictions where traditional cultures use concrete images. The problems of mind/matter or consciousness/unconscious about which we philosophize are only re-statements of the problems of this world/otherworld or skyworld/underworld about which we mythologize. However in neither case can the problems be solved because they are not problems, but Mysteries. Myths tells us to live without resolution in state of creative tension with our two-foldness.

Myths do no, so to speak, get us anywhere. While there's myths about progress, myths do not themselves progress. Indeed., Levi strassus even saw literal scientific "progress" as, in reality, a system of myths which will never consist in anything other than proceeding towards re-groupings, in the midst of totality that is closed and complementary with itself. In fact,...mythological thought is not prescientific; it should be seen as rather an anticipation of the future state of science"

Myths inspire us to think imaginatively of the world, allowing us to access creative forms of knowledge and gnosis, to give our lives textures and resilience in our unique modes of expression.

"The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions which have been hidden by answers"

The questions can be more interesting than the answers...Ambiguities can be more interesting than clarities. And Mysteries can more interesting than facts. Since all of which inspire ever-lasting creativity. Destinations, facts, answers and so on can be a death to the creative process ( Not always, Though. Sometimes it's prerequisite to have facts and answers, but they should be always balanced with the Mysteries to keep the perpetuation of your personal curiosity going on your life, never allowing it to go away. When it does, that's when the life's adventures horribly end.

Lets put Myths aside, now, and lets consider this possibility. Does occult art anticipate high forms of physics and science? Well, of course it does. And applying Leonard Shlain's Art & Physics parallels, this can give us the considerate possibility to fill the abyss between Art & Science. So therefore our culture can become less left -hemispheric in the brain in order to equilibrate the mind into a totality.

Both science and art form in the course of the centuries a human language by which we can speak about the more remote parts of reality, and the coherent sets of concepts as well as the different styles of art are different words or groups of words in this language" Werner Hesineberg

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Darkside Of Gnosticism

"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of Wonders" Lord Dunsany

We seldom look at the darkness in our World. But without the vast darkness in the Universe we would not have the shiny luminosity of the stars. Some times darkness doesn't have to be identified as evil, it can also be identified as the unknown, being veiled in darkness because people still have to explore it's Wonders.

"To me there was nothing grotesque in the bones and skeletons that strowed some of the stone crypts deep down among the foundations. I fantastically associated these things with every-day events, and thought them more natural than the colored pictures of living beings which I found in many mouldy books" H.P Lovecraft

There's fascinating mysteries in the decadence, the strangeness, and grotesqueness in our absurd world. Uncanny beauties come out of them, enthralling the populace of this planetary entity, earth. The roots of flower's are distorted and disfigured which are embedded in the dark soil. But they manage to produce gorgeousness when the plantation springs out of the dirt into the sun's illumination. However, prior to it's growth, the seed must be plunged and planted into the dark soil in order for it to grow. In it''s beginning stages it seems disfigured, but it grows into something else completely. 

So it's just a natural evolutionary process. 

In antique cultures such as The Mayan's and Greek's. The Seeress and Jaguar Priest used to spend extensive time in absolute darkness to increase their melatonin in order to develop their clairvoyant perceptions so they could possess the lucidity to penetrate through the Nighted Darkness. I see the darkness as a evolutionary mechanism to give this reality necessary dynamism, for creation purposes. It's deepens our forgetless mysteries in our reality, giving them more strangeness and wonder. But the Night Land of consciousness can be shuddersome at first, but it becomes fascinating once you get to know it. And see it's existential enrichment, for what it really is. 

"The black intelligence is the divination of the Mysteries of Night, the attribution of reality to the forms of the invisible. It is the belief in vague possibility, light in dream...let us respect the Mysteries of The shadow but keep our lamps burning" Eliphaz Levi 

The shadows remain unseen and elusive, because we never take the time to venture into The Night Land of consciousness. So all equilibration with it becomes lost. Then we see the horrors of The Night Land run wild on this god-forsaken plane of Existence. Trying to get our attention so we can see the Stars of potentialities. Then, due to our lack of vigilance,  the lunacy of the luscious moon influences our natures to become lycanthropic and then we become susceptible to the cult of shadows that prowl the Night. Becoming slaves to their vulgar demands.

"Thirteen gather on a moonless night
The morning star is burning bright


Followers, they sing and dance
The pipes of pan have weaved a trance 
Dressed back
no turning back

Doom mantia"

"No Turning back



"No Turning Back     DOOM-MANITA"

"The fundamental meaning of Death in Key 13 is that the manifestor of the universe. The sun is the center and 12 signs of the zodiac surround it, making 13 signs in all. The king has fallen, reminding us kings must inevitably fall.  There is perpetual transformation, one aspect of which is death-birth. Death is the protest against stagnation - it is by death social changes for the better come to pass and old ideas give away. With the new generation, new ideas gain currency as youth comes into maturity.

The 13th card is a suggestion to change old concepts for new, to change rigid intellectual patterns. Petty prejudices, ambitious, and opinions gradually die. The change from the personal to the universal view is so radical that mystics often compare it to DEATH. But death is the twin brother of life. Creation necessitates it's opposite - destruction. As spirits descends into matter, so it must return to it's source. Death is half of the universal transforming principle. But spirit is immortal; Thus humanity can never die, for the destroyer has become the creator" Eden gray 

Destruction and death is natural so freshly new forms of creations come into being, into this dualistic reality. 

 Kronos is currently taking us through a Rites Of Passage of  Death & Rebirth . So we either put the old, disservicing paradigms to death. Or we cling on Saturn's rings, like golem in Lords Of The Rings.   

It's time to put these absurd paradigms to Death and grow new, beneficial ones out of their ugliness. 

But before we do that. We must go to Night Land in order to go to The Sabbat in search for new knowledge, for our new Paradigms.

"Help me in my search for knowledge,
I must learn the Secret Art.
Who dares to help me raise the on
Whose very name near stills my heart?
Discard your clothes and come on foot,
Through streams and fields and moonlit moors,
Your bodies soaked in secret oils,
Perfumed herbs will heal your sores.
Join me in my search for power.

Wives and husbands bring your kin.
We´ll be as one within the hour.
Let the Sabbat now begin.
Come, come, come to the Sabbat.
Come to the Sabbat - Satan´s there!"

        Hail Satan, The Lord Of Darkness,

                 Bringer Of Knowledge

Friday, May 17, 2013

(Weirdosophy) The Weird Are Essential For Humanity's Evolution...

"You see man as a rather dismal creature." "Yes. Why not? Look'll see what's there. Fear, and frightened people who kill what they can't understand."

People in this world have a sickening, tasteless contentment for the corporate, political banalities of this culturally desolate world. When there's a void of weirdness, that means no one is deviating from the norm to make progress. Weirdness is about the unexpected, the unusual that makes us think differently. When there's none of that, we die as a species. So this is why The Weird are essential for humanity's evolution. As frank zappa said

Ironically enough, we find enjoyment from such artistic eccentrics as Lovecraft and salivador dali. But as a society we try to collectivise and condition everyone to think the same as well as discourage anyone who wants to deviate from the norm so they don't feel any ridicule, or alienation from society at large. But if we never had the people who had the audacity to think outside of the box, this world would be perfectly devoid of cultural, artistic masterpieces. So there's a nobility in weirdness, it gives people the inspiration to think outside of the box and come up with unique, artistic creations for the betterment for our species and culture.

Well, what the typical rationalists call "rational thought"

" I know it's the high and the strange who kicked the heads in of the lame and the same and then pushed this gods-forsaken race forward." Christopher Knowles 

Indeed! If that never happened, we wouldn't have are music, movies, art, architecture and so forth. We would be a species of pathetic pussies, laughing at the ones who try to do something different to make our world a more interesting and exciting place to inhabit. Without weirdness, there's no genius. And this is an age to embrace "Weirdosophy" 

There's no official how to do manifest creations, this world  needs it's crucial oddities. Without them we become repetitive and dull.  Woefully disenchanted by our reality. Oddities give us awe and wonder.  So embrace them, to the highest extreme.  Because normalities can become lethal without them.

Well, in this age of disenchantment, that embraces the most wretched superstition of all "Materialism". It's important not to disregard our eccentric geniuses and miraculous oddities. It's time for the enchanted wonders to flow into people's minds already. And say to fuckin' hades with the dogmatic convectionalities. 

So take a trip to the other side, if you will. 


 But  his threatening mirth falters in the presence of the weird. Since the weird knows how to valorously triumph over the archonic control, through the powers of the creative imagination. Since archonism (or tyranny you could say) solely devoids that visionary faculty......

"You unlock this door with the key of imagination.  Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind.  You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas.  You've just crossed over into the twilight zone."

"Gnostics taught that the core of the human potential is our faculty of the imagination"  John Lash, NOT IN HIS IMAGE

"The thing that scares me is Banality. The sheer banality of the actual culture we live in. My sense of what scary is related to the things I see around me. And what I see around me are people who seem to want to suppress the imagination" Clive Barker 

"People don't want to live through tragedy know that art gives them the ability to live through it imaginatively" Ramsey campbell

"The reason we have poverty is that we have no imagination. There are great many people out  there accumulating what they think is vast wealth, but it's only money....they don't know how to enjoy it, because they have no IMAGINATION" Alan Watts 

Due to our ignorance and vast stupidity we have marginalized and forbidden our sacred faculty of  the imagination in our world. We totally subdue it's potentiality, for lesser awards. Rather than manifest powerful visions to reshape this woefully stupid world , we allow the banal visions of the psychic tyrants have victorious triumph over this faculty.  Our lives are mediocre because we don't utilize this faculty. And this is why this world teems with  sheer, corporate depravity........

And Now


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is Skrying Possible?!

The brain is not an "evolved" organ which, somehow, accidentally over the aeons generated a faculty we call "Consciousness". Rather, it was developed in order to receive and apprehend those aspects of universal consciousness necessary for man to perform his foreordained task - just as radio - just as the radio does not generate waves but receives the waves already there. John Antony West, Serpent In The Sky

As lucidly expressed by John Antony West. The nature of consciousness does not generate in our organic brains. The brain is a receptor for consciousness, not the other way around. However, we are only using an insignificant amount of this receptor, which may have dormant capacities completely undreamed of to us.  Perhaps if parts of those dormant faculties of the brain were used, would we be able to channel higher forms of consciousness and instigate those dormant faculties? Perhaps. As said before, we're only using an insignificant fraction of our brains and rarely question its magnitude. Why not? It's such a provocative topic. Perhaps it's time to open the doors of perception!

We hear about skyring , in folklore and mythologies, dismissing them as irrational fancies conjured up by illiterate morons who know nothing about the nature of reality. Maybe the truth is the complete contrary. Maybe these tales are closer to the potentialities of the mind than we presume?!

As now, in this technological age some physicists describe our brains as a projector and reality as the projection.

"Our brain mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time:
The brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe!"

"Out there", there are only waves and frequencies, which our brain convert for us into images, which make up our world. Our brain is responsible that we see things as we do! 
Pribram asserted that our brain is able to construct objects and David Bohm even concluded that "we construct space and time"."

In the popular occult legend of Edward Kelley and John Dee. Edward Kelley is an enigmatic individual who got his ear accidentally cut off which enabled him to develop clairvoyance. This probably allowed his brain to activate it's latent faculties and give it the capacity to channel higher frequencies of consciousness. This perhaps explains why he had the ability to summon the spirits on the crystal ball. Because his brain had opened up enough in order to make it possible for him to channel these higher realms of existence so could project them on the crystal ball, like a projector. In metaphorical terms, he upgraded his receptor and got an advanced statelite for it. So he could be plugged into the higher channels of existence, as it were. 

As quoted above

"Out there", there are only waves and frequencies, which our brain convert for us into images, which make up our world. Our brain is responsible that we see things as we do! 

Pribram asserted that our brain is able to construct objects and David Bohm even concluded that "we construct space and time"."

The abyss of perception awaits us! 

As within 

So without 

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Poisonous Misconceptions About Humanity

There's a lot of people in our world who abide to these misconceptions for self-aggrandizement purposes, thinking they can give justification to their immorality and vice by doing so. Such misconceptions only lead to dead ends, and nothing more. So it's about time we deconstruct them, for the better. If we want a future that is prosperously livable and just, that is. Of course such an issue needs a deeper, meticulous analysis to come up with more highly proper conclusions. But this is all I can come up with thus far. This is not an attempt to justify humanity's immoral actions, but an attempt to separate its condition from its nature. These misconception don't serve us, and need to be fully deconstructed.

Is humanity inherently corrupt?!

No, humanity is not inherently corrupt. This is generally a condition, not their nature. This is precisely caused by our culture, since it lacks the encouragement to exercise  conscience and morality. A human being can be conscientious since it's inherently born with a conscience, it just needs to be incessantly reminded that it needs to do so so our world can sustain equilibrium.

Is humanity a plague on the earth?!

The industrial revolution  has roughly been around for the last 200 years. Before this humanity has made architectural masterpieces such as cathedrals, palaces, temples and pyramids that has enriched our world. People have the tendency to forget this, and allow their misconceptions to dominate them. Humanity has the inherent potentiality to create such artistic masterpieces again, the potentiality just needs to be encouraged. This industrial atrocity can be transformed into excellence, with the right mind set.

Do we need slavery in order to have civilization?!

Nothing is more ludicrous than this statement. We need inspiration to have civilization, not slavery. Some of the most profound artistic achievements has come out of inspiration alone, not by being enslaved in order to make those artistic achievements. This implies that humanity can never be inspired to make anything without enslavement. And such an idea about humanity is dangerous. In truthful honesty such people lack the imagination of what humanity is possibly capable. And don't see civilization as a form of ART.

What is wrong with humanity?!

They are psychologically sick caused by disempowering ideologies. They lack the intuitive intelligence to cite out what is wrong and right. As Gabor Bate said " If more people were in touch with their gut feelings they would not elect the people we have in power today." Such a statement can be invariably applied to a lot of our predicaments. Since we lack emotional intelligence, we are susceptible to ideologies that don't serve us. Disregarding our conscience, so we can obey the abhorrent demands of our tyrants and not feel alienated from our peers.

This is perhaps why our world is in such turmoil and strife. Because we lack critical emotional intelligence and go with unconscientious orders that don't serve us. We're not taught this. So we end up electing the most dangerous people in power and subsequently doing their orders. We have mistaken our nature for their nature. We are conditioned to become sociopathic, just like our tyrants.

Perhaps it's about time we take notice to such statements as these!

This is perhaps around when the great deluge happened. We may all be collectively traumatized by these ancestral wounds.

We reproduce catastrophe because we ourselves are traumatized – both as a species and individually, beginning at birth. Because we are wounded, we have put up psychic defenses against reality and have become so cut off from direct participation in the multidimensional wilderness in which we are embedded that all we can do is to navigate our way cautiously through a humanly designed day-to-day substitute world of symbols - a world of dollars, minutes, numbers, images and words that are constantly being manipulated to wring the most possible profit from every conceivable circumstance. The body and spirit both rebel - David Watson (The Pathology of Civilization)

Since we may have been traumatized in  pre-historical times. This is perhaps the reason why we've traumatized others throughout written history, completely unaware of our ancestral traumatization. So we keep on perpetuating it upon others, making a vicious cycle throughout the World. But the only way to stop it is to develop an awareness of it's origin in order to come to psychic salvation. So we can move on forward... Since people have the unnerving tendencies to unconsciously perpetuate their traumas on others until they become existentially aware as to why and how they've become traumatizer themselves..

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Venomous Doom On The Edge Of The Universe

A space craft pierced through the luminous stars, etheric milky ways and strikingly vivid planets. The spacecraft was advanced, made from a dark obscure crystals deeply buried in the earth, that is reliably indestructible to any unknown elements in the infinite, ever-growing Universe. Inside the soaring space apparatus is shiny, lucid black marble floors and walls, with a greenish strange pictoraphic language on the walls, indicating the certain importances for the certain features on the ship. At the front of the craft was the crew, gazing at effulgent cities on the moons, with it's radiation of exotic hues. Such scenes has unforgettable awesomeness to it. The crew is dressed in strangely exotic clothes, with males wearing helmets with horns on them to distinguish that they are the warrior class, whereas the elite class wore blackened hoods, with opal stone headwear around their forehead. And the emperor, sitting on his dragon head throne, has an obsidian crown on his head, with sharp, flame paint designs around his eyes, indicating his perception is inflamed with fire and intensity. The illuminated one, in other words.

The females, on the other hand, has its lower and elite class distinctions as well. And the empiress sat right next the emperor, awaiting their unseen destination.

A planet, with a blackened green effulgence aura, was giving off insidious vibrations as the star ship went involuntarily towards it, helplessly. As the ship went, it wobbled disastrously towards the planet and plunged itself into gloomy yellowish waters in close proximity of the misty lands.

Woefully, some crew members died from the pain-stalking drama of the crash and were left behind as the remaining of the crew went in search of intelligible life forms on the planet. The treacherous terrains were a reddish desert, permeated with erupting volcano's and sentient fungi plantation, mercilessly entangling you with their vines and webs.

 Later, after much search and exploration, the crew encountered the indigenous inhabitants of the planet and were menaced by their attitude towards them, as they did their ceremonial dances. The inhabitants were orangish-skinned 7 th foot humanoids, with peculiar trunks protruding out of the sides of their mouths. In the distant corner was a web, filled humanoid sized cacoons. As they crackled opened, beings with dark multi-colored wings would come out and utter screeching hisses in the air, then go fly towards the gigantic red trees and hang upside down on the branches of the trees.

After this strange spectacle, the crew members noticed a building which had a close similarity to Gothic cathedrals, covered with misshapen statues. As they walked towards it, hideous blackish smoke would emerge out of the pot halls on the  ground and vanish into the sky. Inside were frighteningly tall pale white humanoids, who happened to be androgynous. They had bones pointed out of their body, with saggy skin and black eyes with penetrating white pupils. Some of them were crawling on the ceiling backwards, making agonizing utterances by their preternatural eggs. They also had wings, with a darkened multi-colored interior.

"Hello Earthlings" one of them said " We were once human as well, in search of immortality. We were instinctively impelled to come to this planet, because of the knowledge of the inhabitants possessed about immortality and physiological transformation. We came here 10, 000 years ago, escaping from Earth, due to charges related to our misuse of sorcery and technology on earth. After our escape, we decided to obtain immortality somehow and become supreme beings of malignant sorcery so we could successfully fulfill our destinies to become masters of The Universe, by virtually out living every one. And needless to say our immortality gives us time to develop our psychic faculties which  give us time to increase our Art of Malignant Sorcery. Anyway, when we arrived at this planet the inhabitants knew what we wanted, instinctually. Immortality! In order to so, we were given bizarre drugs and brews to alter our states of consciousness. Then we were instructed to go in pairs consisting of the opposite sexes on the enchanted, mysterious web in order to induce androgyny. Then the inhabitants did their enigmatic chants, then a particularly large spider came out of the cave and on to the web and started to wrap us into a cocoons. Through out time in the cocoons our bodies molded as one and we became androgynous, having acute inter-dimensional experiences. In duration of this procedure we noticed our hearing and psychic abilities became more acute. Our bodies made new formations and extensions. We developed wings. The entire structure of our bodies were transformed after this painful procedure.  Once we came out of the cacoons we decided to establish this particular building, expressing our inter-dimensional aesthetics on it. Here, in this corner is our obidian stone. We skry through it so we can manage to find victims to involuntarily compel towards our planet. As you may or may not figured out by now, we live off the energy and flesh of other being to sustain our immortality." He stopped talking and spread his preternatural wings that engulfed the collective perception of the crew....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Reincarnation fallacy.

Reincarnation is a seemingly prevalent conception in the occult and spiritual terrains, but I think it's ultimately erroneous, to  say least. When people have past memories of distant lives it is not them in those lives, it is their predecessors. Their predecessors memories are embedded in their genes & D.N.A and they somehow unconsciously activate these strangely lucid memories of their distant lives.

It has now been scientifically proven that we carry the memories and wounds of our ancestors in our unfathomably enigmatic genes .  As matter of fact I follow the theory that all our actions of our predecessors are intricately stored in the unconscious & what is called "Junk D.N.A". Perhaps their primordial wisdom is also accessible to us as well, all the enigmatic wisdom long forgotten in the world is dormant in our genes, deep down those uncharted ancestral memories. Something to think about!!

But folks, please. I'm not trying to downplay the fascinating mysteries of the what comes after death. On the contrary I'm offering the unspoken alternative. Time in this reality is  simultaneous and therefore not linear, so the reincarnation concept must be flawed.
We are an extension of our family lineage, in this reality. Our genes makes who we are, but not fully. That unique spark of divinity in us is mysteriously unfathomable to us, a gift  from the unknown. And that unknown must be the infinite eternity where we came from and go back to after this temporary life.

As William Blake Said
"This world of imagination is the world of Eternity; it is the divine bosom into which we shall go after the death of the vegetated body. This World is infinite and eternal, whereas the world of generation, or vegetation, is finite and temporal. There exist in that eternal World the permanent realities of Every Thing we see in this reflected in this vegetable glass of Nature. All Things are comprehended  in their eternal forms in the divine body of the savior, The True Vine Of Eternity, The Human Imagination."

It's necessary to be intuitive and intelligently speculative when it come to matters such as this. Speculation and intuition are essential keys to help us understand this mysteriously complex universe in which we inhabit. Anyway, in the movie "What dreams may come" The main character dies and finds himself inside his dreams, wandering aimlessly in the world of imagination. This movie perhaps captures a gnostic understanding where we may go when our physical incarnation ceases here. We might plunge into the world of imagination, where life and dreams intertwine with each other into the same manifested reality.

The physical and spiritual are inseparable, they might reflect off of each other and what we put inside of our heads! go ahead and ponder it!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Writing is a form of Sorcery!

``Thoth, God of Magick, was merely a man who invented writing, as his monuments declare clearly enough. ``Gamarye``, Magick, is only the ``Gramma``. So also the old name of a Magical ritual, ``Grimoire`` is merely a ``Grammar`` Aleister Crowley

It rarely occurs to people that words are a form of symbolism. These symbolic abstractions known as words have the power to awaken latent potentialities and oddities within people, invoking forces that would not otherwise enter their being without the use of Words. Writing words is a magickal ritual in itself, using these abstract symbols to conjure visions within people`s minds, by changing their state of consciousness in order to activate those dormant worlds that lye within them. Then seeing these visions manifest into reality through comics, art, music, movies, fashion and etc.   The stronger the potency for the writing spells are, the stronger the impact it can have on the minds of the Masses.

These symbols can be used to provoke thought, take people to different places, empower people and even corrupt them. For instance, in the documentary ``How Star Trek Changed The World` it specifically showed how scientists were influenced by the ideas in the star trek, by borrowing them to make their own scientific inventions such as sliding doors and wireless phones you see in society today. These ideas have their roots in science fiction, which was firstly written in stories and then made into episodes. In any case writing was the original medium for these ideas. Then it was expressed in other mediums and somehow magically manifested into our existence. And this all begun in the expression of words.

So writing is a form of sorcery that can sculpt our minds, for good or ill. Writing changes people`s psychology. People even at times emulate how the writer articulates his expressions, or emulates his visions to come up with their own artistic creations. And needless to say their visions are influenced by the expressions of words the writer uses. Thus writing being a form of Sorcery to invoke imaginative visions within people. The more genuine it`s authenticity, the stronger the literary sorcery is...

Any times you either feel inspired or wretched is because of the use of words you have been exposed to, not realizing the potent effect it carries. In this reality our primal medium for ideas is words.
``In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and word was God``
This is an essential allegory that postulates everything in creation starts with the word, however that word is designed, it`s begins with that primal symbol to inspire creation with. And everything in our world is generally inspired by symbols & words, whether you realize it or not. All Establishments, Schools, Politics and Art is are fueled by words, those abstract symbols we use.

So every time you write see it as a ritual taking place, knowing that writing has the potential change people`s psychology, for good or ill. So be careful with the words you use, you don`t want the undesirable to manifest into your reality.

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Horrible Night In The Land Of Dreams

``There`s times through an activation of the suppressed elements of the psyche that the dreamland and the mundane world can become interconnected. Though they are inextricably connected, as everything is in creation. But gateways to such realms are locked by the lack of activation in the psyche`s strange abyss`(The Unconscious).`` Kosmic Lust, by The Nameless Wizard

I was given such an uncanny book on occult sciences and lore called ``Kosmic Lust`` by a peculiar, shaky man with whiten hair who said such a book had given him terrifying, lucid Nightmares in being in shuddersome, chaotic lands. He told me to be prudent after this literary indulgence. We were at an underground opium cafe, in London. It was 1890, on an October night.  After giving him my regards for his kind generosity I decided to go home, where I started to read the book, in a relaxed opiated state that vivified the imagination into the occulted realms to the point where they almost seemed to become realistic. They opium high allowed an oceanic wave of the unconscious to flood the conscious mind. And just looking at the illustrations of the book gave me wonder and fear simultaneously. After a long read in the luminous moon night I decided to comfortably slumber, since I was feeling tumultuously tired. 

As I awaken awful paranoia terrorized me, for being in a strangely frightening world. Pinkisk fog surrounded me, in the stark night in the world unknown to me. Unfamiliar planets & moons hung on the nighted sky. Queerly on the ground were strange obsidian monolithic runes, with small dragons on them with preternatural, piercing eyes that scared me immensely. Then I started to walk aimlessly, in this foreign land where giant skeletal remnants remain on the ground, in haunted forests that had strange creatures sitting on trees with only their eyes visible in the Night. After  such a miserably long walk I encountered two ghostly white females, standing absolutely naked in this strange world wearing cloaks with  purple interior and sigils painted (or tattooed) on their bodies. They were standing on a ritual circle,  made by stone that was virtually covered in moss and weeds, which was on a plateform that had stairs that ascended upto it that were cracked and mossy.  They spoke in an unfamiliar tongue that was linguistically similar to a primitive African who utters unpronounceable expressions. But in contrast these women happen to linger their words out, giving it a sinister echo effect.

Once they saw me they walked slowly down, in the pinkish fog, giving me menacing smiles and laughter. One of them extended their arm out and gave me a silvery key, which illuminated a trifle in the pinkish darkness. Once I received it from her she smiled, then I noticed she was a vampiress by her sharp lengthy teeth she showed by her facial expression. Then they pointed to a ruinous, grotesque mausoleum with statues of faceless knights and gruesome gargoyles. After they started to laugh madly, in an annoying manner. They suddenly vanished in the swirly green pinkish smoke while two wolves scampered away and howled at the perilously sharp cliff by the redish black moons, with oaken twisted roots sunken deeply in the cliff. Such a experience sent a serptine shiver down my spine, giving me icy chills long afterwards. Those morbid sentiments are deeply embedded in my psyche beyond redemption, now.

So I walked slowly towards the tomb, hearing skulls of unfamiliar creatures crack beneath my feet as smoky dust arises to my face to choke me, in momentary times. One of the faceless statues of the knights had his hands broken off and sword scattered in pieces by the door. Inside, on the ground was a symbol of a triangle which has a reptilian eye above it by the door inside. I used the key to open the door, and to my unsettling surprise. there`s was a labyrinth reaching down to the nethermost bellows of this mausoleum. So I decided to walk warily down, pushing away the hideous cob webs out of my face and running furiously away from the radiantly colored spiders, in the darkened labyrinth. 

As I reached the bottom I noticed an arch passageway going to a terrifying forest, swelling with hideously large oaken trees and ancient monoliths scattered around. So I walked aimlessly again, in wretched trepidation and heard possessive, haunting tunes of a flute. Suddenly I saw the fearsome pan, playing a flute below the blackened rainbow as grotesque ghouls made slow, ominous beats to make hypnotic rhythms to their goddess of Darkness, causing bizarre trances to beings near by. To my feared wonderment,  pan`s flute, with it`s oddly golden black designs that shone out in the night, giving it undulant reflections as he played ominously in the dark Night was purely possessive.

As I walked by them and went on the jangled serpentine path that led to the strangely disproportionate  castle on the cliff covered with statues of strange beings and goddesses. The hypnotic musik started to build up in intensity, murdering my courage to go any further. But I went on, regardless of the iniquitous musik.
There was bushes made of mazes there, obscuring the front doors of the castle which had gloomy ponds with archaic symbols on its masonry, and wretchedly large oaken trees that had small doors with peculiar designs on them that were inhabited with hobgoblins inside.

After many attempts to try to find my way through the maze the blackened sun had arisen and illuminated a path for me to the front doors. Such a thing was a miraculous god-send, for me in this odd situation. Inside a heard murmurs, in my familiar language. So I walked down a stone, spiral stair way and heard two distinct voices, in their room of conjuration talking about this mummified priest of the Kthulhu Kult and how they can give him a momentary rival so he can divulge the secrets of the long forgotten Kthulhu Rites which can enable them powers to make an evocation for the merciless god Kthulhu . As they talked away I bent down and crawled on my knees, being as discrete as possible not to be noticed by them in the room of conjuration, as they exercised their necromancy on the mummy, putting weird powder on his forehead to go along with their necromanic spells. Eyes opened, then they asked him to divulge the secrets of the long forgotten Kthulhu Rites.
``In the perished temple under the deep waters lies the Mysteries of what you request, Wizard. In the  waters where the Dagons reside. said he angrily. As he closed his eyes he murmured``let me rest in my Dreams``. Then he fell slowly down to his coffin barely making a noise. 

Unpleasantly later, I was noticed by the two wizards in black. One was young and the other was an elder who had an esoteric symbol painted on his forehead. ``Welcome to the other side of reality`` Said the elder``The reality of dreams, in the awakened dimension of infinity. Join us in an adventure to the temple of Kthulhu that has been perished underwater for a long time immemorial .  

So I voluntarily joined them, being intrigued to discover the long forgotten Kthulhu Rites Mysteries. We embarked on this adventure on black horses, traveling to places weird and wondrous to me. Asking directions from faceless peasants. And picking bizarre remedial potions from Witches & Warlocks whenever we got bitten by spiders and bats on the journey.

When we arrived at the waters, where the temple had been long perished I was puzzled as to how we can  manage to get to it. Strangely, after this contemplation, the elder wizard in black did chants and drew a circle in the sands with his staff that had a crystal on it, radiating immensely multi-colored light in the Darkness. Then, beyond rational belief the waters dichotomized, to make a pathway to the ruined temple, swelled with sea weed and Kthulhu symbols & statues near by it. 
So we walked towards it, being menaced by nefarious looking Dagons in the double wall gap of water. And seeing strange merfolks on sea horses go by us in the walled water caused by the dichotomization from the elder wizard in black magick abilities. Inside there were tentacle cravings mostly everywhere, permeating the interior of the temple. On the ground were skeletal remnants of Kthulhu cultists, wearing necklaces with esoteric Kthulhu symbols on them.

In the midst of  my fascination of all of this, the elder wizard in black weirdly took out a knife and cut his hand open so blood would slowly pour out of his hand and drip in the embedded archaic designs on the ground, which made them radiate in dark lime green once the blood dropped on them. Then tumultuous noises begun, making us unsettled and nervous as ultra-violet rays came out of the walls as they dissolved.  Strangely,  a cosmic void appeared. And then I fell into it, out of worrisome fear, as I was by the wall stunned by this unsettling awesomeness. As I fell I had awaken to the mundane world, realizing I plunged to the other side of reality, hoping I can go back and witness the awesome fears again from the ominousities, in that weird land of dreams. Thankfully, every time I dreamt again I went back to the  precisely same situation I happen to be in when I had awaken to the mundane reality. I fell in an etheric web, in the cosmic void, with a sorceress on top of it singing gloomily. As she sang away I noticed I was surrounded by dragons sitting on comets that were around unique, incomprehensibly looking planets. And awe-inspiring, hueful milky ways............. 

``The sub-consciousness knows no limitations, only the conditioned consciousness arbitrarily thinks it has limitations in the mundane reality. In any case, consciousness can be opened to innumerable vistas through certain activations  Such worlds may appear to be dreamy, haunting and wondrous. Such keepers of these worlds only await the chosen few....Are you ready for the grander Mysteries of Reality?! to go on the edge of Infinity  ?! Seeing yourself reside, in multi-diemensions, as you awake to them and go back to the mundane reality whenever you awake in this particular reality, where everything appears to be ambiguous. If so, then read away!...Kosmic Lust, By The Nameless Wizard.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Musicians Are The Modern Shamans (Or Sorcerers)

In times immemorial inspired women and men would ignite ceremonies and rituals by doing chants and rhythms on their organic instruments to induce chants, inspire visions and most importantly heal the wounds of their tribe. These methods were transformative. It was magick, in other words. It had the capacity to change the people, make them think differently from this power they possessed. The shaman (or sorcerer) had the ability to go into the depth of the unconscious and bring back a creative force to his ordinary state to change the regular frequency of his reality.

In contemporary times we have concerts that are strikingly reminiscent of these ceremonies and rituals of antiquity, but the importance of such things are missing because of the ubiquitous political spells and corporate depravity in today's world that tries to marginalize anything that has real power for people. However, such great things can be marginalized, but not completely dismissed by everyone in the world.

Nevetheless, whether people realize it's power or not, it's Magick still thrives. In concerts people tend to fall into trances when they hear the musick play, mesmerized by the evocative riffs and beats, going to different places inside their heads inspired by the musik. The musicians have taken up the responsibility of the shamans (or sorcerers)whether they're consciously aware of it or not. They can be identified with the similar powers nonetheless. By taking their audience to different states, by inspiring them visions and even healing their wounds . People even change as people when they  go to concerts, having a personal transformation for themselves.

As you hear people sometimes say " When I heard that musick I envisioned this.It brought to this place" Or you even hear writers & artists say they listen to Music while they create their Art... And that's the power Musik has, to alter your consciousness. To bring you into different places. And needless to say, it has the power to heal.

Few days ago I watched an interview of the members of EyeHateGod and one of the members of the group said" A kid told us that our musik helped him get through his suicidal tendencies, saying he would have killed himself if it wasn't for our musik to alleviate his pain." And that's the healing powers musik possesses. For that matter, would you ever hear anybody say school, politics and my job helped me get through my life troubles?!. No! Musik is always mentioned in these matters, or any other forms of Art. Because Musik has the power to cause transformation in people. It gives them inspiration to go further, to think differently.  And to do different stuff & activities with their lives. Hence Musicians being The Shamans (or Sorcerers)!

As Ufomammut said in an interview once" Musik should be considered a religion" Or Musik could even be considered a form of Magick!! Which sounds better to my ears

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Muse = Musick! The Sphere Of The Mysteries

In the sphere of stillness chaos came into existence to create a vibrate flow of energy. Before existence, we need vibrations in order to manifest creations, such as forms and so on. Strangely, these vibrations can be interpreted as expressive forms of musickal energies manifesting creations in the unfathomable infinitude, the essence that has bestowed us life. Muses flow through us, unaware of their origin. But as you contemplate, these inner muses come from the unfathomable essence. Though they be marginalized in the modern age, but they still retain an essential importance for guidance. They come to us in sounds of words, but these sounds of words can be considered a strange form of musick nonetheless. Thus the inners muses which flow through us, coming from the primordial essence of life being a form of musick. And needless to type, muse is sounds similar to musick.

More fascinatingly, we hear about such musickal geniuses such as Mozart hearing a continuous flow of musick in his inner self, helping him create  his masterful pieces of music long unforgotten since it's inception. Mozart, presumably, was connected to higher state of being, where he possessed a more distinct clarity of these expressive vibrate energies from the primordial essence of creation. This enabled him to attune himself to something higher, where he can not stop hearing this inner musick flowing through him from the limitless Mystery of being.

It almost seems higher the connection to the divine essence, clearer & stronger the vibrate energy you may feel. Musick, communicates to the right-hemisphere of the brain, which is the flexible, feminine side more in connection to the limitless mystery of creation. So it may be reasonable to say, when musicians engage in such an art, their connecting to their higher selfs, channeling the vibrate energies to them, then expressing how the energy flows through them by playing it on their instruments. As may you hear them say, it almost seems as though the music wrote itself. Unconsciously implying that a higher essence possessed them, helping them create their music by channeling these vibrate energies to them.

To my fathoming, the vibrate energies of the limitless Mystery is an infinite muse that only a lucky few people possess a direct communication with it, where they feel it flow distinctly through them and hear it as musick. This ability is also known as clairaudience. There was once a case of an adolescent, living in New York who used to walk and sing in rhythm continuously, play Mozart backwards and cultivated his own symphonies at the age of 12 or so. He was possessed by the rhythmical energies of the Universe, feeling their vibrations endlessly. His mind was strangely ripened to the musick sphere of creation. An unending ebb and flow of energies. This ability is also  latent to all of us. But only a few have a beautifully ripened mind where they can hear the musick of the spheres in clarity.

Some scholars and researchers such as Michael tasarion claim that ego-consciousness is a recent phenomenon, that our ancestral predecessors had a direct communion to the musick of the cosmic spheres before we fragmented our consciousness from disastrous catastrophes in distant antiquity. That hearing our voices in our head is something new. Before such woeful tragedies we had direct communion with the divine essence, such as Mozart hearing that endless musickal muse from the inexplicable Mysteries of life.