Sunday, May 26, 2013

Do Artists Penetrate Into The Unknown?!

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To The Realm Of The MYSTERY Warlords

There's enigmatic depths unacknowledged in the endless immensity of our consciousness. Consciousness is a phenomenon rarely properly conceptualized in our woefully foolish culture. It's time, in my sensible opinion, to cease the rectification of this phenomenon and say it comes to us, we channel it. We receive ideas from an unfathomable source of unfinished creation, thinking it merely conjures in our head. Since out-of-body-experiences have become recently known phenomenons, it should be lucidly cognizant to people today that we can manage to consciously think outside of our bodies and function somehow whenever this occurs. The current paradigms of our consequentially limiting knowledge about consciousness thwarts us to understand this, sadly.

"The artist is the antennae of the race" Ezra Pound

This statement can also be seen as a specific implication that our brains is an antennae, channeling the watery waves of consciousness, whether or not he intended it to express that definition, It can still be used analogically.  Artists, on the other hand, have their minds ripened and can access higher forms of consciousness. Somehow the unfinished universe acknowledges these artistically active minds, like advanced antennas, and bestows them interesting artistic ideas. They come to them. "Eureka", in other words. The artistic ideas just don't solely manifest in the mind, but are naturally channeled to them from a higher essence.

"Art is the Queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world" Leonardo Da Vinci

Art can be used as a legitimate science to engage both of the hemispheres of our brain to understand higher noble, truths of life. The mysterious apparatus known as the imagination has the capacity to envision how general knowledge can be can understood through stories and artistic images. Leonard Shlain expresses in his lectures and books how the artists are the unknown visionary scientists who unwittingly capture the phenomenon of physic discoveries in their art long before the scientist does so. 

      "Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time & Light" Lecture by Dr. Leonard Shlain

"Art can communicate before it's understood" T.S Eliot

In this article Christopher Knowles expresses the parallels between Comic artists and Shamans. Shamans are known as the visionaries in the culture who see the world in a refreshingly unique perspecitbe by delving into the uncharted spheres of  the consciousness phenomenon. Such immersive activities enables them to access the latent states of consciousness and come back with uncanny visions of what they perceptually captured. 


"There is nothing in the world except empty curved space. Matter, charge, electromagnetism, and other fields are only manifestations of the bending of space. Physics is geometry" John Archibald Wheeler 

When artists depict highly strange artistry such as this, are they penetrating into the unknown astral gates? Seeing the bending, swirling and twisting of space & matter before their widened perception. Since artists have the capacity to use both hemispheres of their brain, it must be a less of a challenge for them to open the gates of the unknown and capture it's manifested essence through paper.

Clairvoyants are known to see colorfully effulgent energies  in their evolved perception. People who indulge in mind-altering drugs see similar states of consciousness. The drugs trigger dormant faculties of the brain and allow the waters of consciousness to drop into the mind, allowing the periphery of your limited vision to widen.

I completely disagree with Aldous Huxley when he postulates that we would not have civilization if we possessed these states regularly. First of all, when we access these states through mind-altering drugs we have a immediate, sudden change in our consciousness that allows to experience these states, superficially. They are  a short cut to these immediate alter-states. So once it occurs we are hopelessly enchanted and awe-struck by the changed reality. Our minds are undisciplined when we it comes to altered states since  we're given no preparation for them . And this is why we can not  function properly under them.

But through rigorous meditations and mystical practices we can access these states with a disciplined mind ready to comfortably tolerate the peculiarities that comes with it. And needless to say, act functional with clairvoyant perceptions.

"There is a case for saying that the creation of new aesthetic forms has been the most fundamentally productive of all forms of human activity. Whoever creates new artistic conventions has found methods of interchange between people about matters which were incommunicable before. The capacity to do this has been the basis of the whole of human history" J. Z young

It's my firm understanding and belief that antique civilizations and cultures expressed the incommunicable through mythology and hieroglyphic imagery art, realizing these methods communicated to the brain wholistically. Myths and Art helps express the incommunicable in endless formations and ways, there's no official way how it should be expressed. Contrary to what you see in the mainstream's dogmatism of Science. They allow Mysteries of life to flow continuously in the river of creation. Unlike dogmatic science, where it wants to solve the unsolvable and stamp out the fascinating mysteries of Life... But anyway, these scientific  abstractions can be expressed in other ways of manifestations, such as art.

As Patrick Harpur says, in "The Philosophers' secret fire"

"The labyrinthine shape-changing of myths mirrors the pathways of soul which seems more interested in the movement of its idea than in the resolution of problems. Therefore no classical psychological problem can ever be solved... It is as if we recognize the contradictions of our human existence and are intensely preoccupied with them. We are self-transcending, paradoxical beings - both part of Nature, for example, and yet outside of it. We use abstractions to express our contradictions where traditional cultures use concrete images. The problems of mind/matter or consciousness/unconscious about which we philosophize are only re-statements of the problems of this world/otherworld or skyworld/underworld about which we mythologize. However in neither case can the problems be solved because they are not problems, but Mysteries. Myths tells us to live without resolution in state of creative tension with our two-foldness.

Myths do no, so to speak, get us anywhere. While there's myths about progress, myths do not themselves progress. Indeed., Levi strassus even saw literal scientific "progress" as, in reality, a system of myths which will never consist in anything other than proceeding towards re-groupings, in the midst of totality that is closed and complementary with itself. In fact,...mythological thought is not prescientific; it should be seen as rather an anticipation of the future state of science"

Myths inspire us to think imaginatively of the world, allowing us to access creative forms of knowledge and gnosis, to give our lives textures and resilience in our unique modes of expression.

"The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions which have been hidden by answers"

The questions can be more interesting than the answers...Ambiguities can be more interesting than clarities. And Mysteries can more interesting than facts. Since all of which inspire ever-lasting creativity. Destinations, facts, answers and so on can be a death to the creative process ( Not always, Though. Sometimes it's prerequisite to have facts and answers, but they should be always balanced with the Mysteries to keep the perpetuation of your personal curiosity going on your life, never allowing it to go away. When it does, that's when the life's adventures horribly end.

Lets put Myths aside, now, and lets consider this possibility. Does occult art anticipate high forms of physics and science? Well, of course it does. And applying Leonard Shlain's Art & Physics parallels, this can give us the considerate possibility to fill the abyss between Art & Science. So therefore our culture can become less left -hemispheric in the brain in order to equilibrate the mind into a totality.

Both science and art form in the course of the centuries a human language by which we can speak about the more remote parts of reality, and the coherent sets of concepts as well as the different styles of art are different words or groups of words in this language" Werner Hesineberg


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