Friday, May 17, 2013

(Weirdosophy) The Weird Are Essential For Humanity's Evolution...

"You see man as a rather dismal creature." "Yes. Why not? Look'll see what's there. Fear, and frightened people who kill what they can't understand."

People in this world have a sickening, tasteless contentment for the corporate, political banalities of this culturally desolate world. When there's a void of weirdness, that means no one is deviating from the norm to make progress. Weirdness is about the unexpected, the unusual that makes us think differently. When there's none of that, we die as a species. So this is why The Weird are essential for humanity's evolution. As frank zappa said

Ironically enough, we find enjoyment from such artistic eccentrics as Lovecraft and salivador dali. But as a society we try to collectivise and condition everyone to think the same as well as discourage anyone who wants to deviate from the norm so they don't feel any ridicule, or alienation from society at large. But if we never had the people who had the audacity to think outside of the box, this world would be perfectly devoid of cultural, artistic masterpieces. So there's a nobility in weirdness, it gives people the inspiration to think outside of the box and come up with unique, artistic creations for the betterment for our species and culture.

Well, what the typical rationalists call "rational thought"

" I know it's the high and the strange who kicked the heads in of the lame and the same and then pushed this gods-forsaken race forward." Christopher Knowles 

Indeed! If that never happened, we wouldn't have are music, movies, art, architecture and so forth. We would be a species of pathetic pussies, laughing at the ones who try to do something different to make our world a more interesting and exciting place to inhabit. Without weirdness, there's no genius. And this is an age to embrace "Weirdosophy" 

There's no official how to do manifest creations, this world  needs it's crucial oddities. Without them we become repetitive and dull.  Woefully disenchanted by our reality. Oddities give us awe and wonder.  So embrace them, to the highest extreme.  Because normalities can become lethal without them.

Well, in this age of disenchantment, that embraces the most wretched superstition of all "Materialism". It's important not to disregard our eccentric geniuses and miraculous oddities. It's time for the enchanted wonders to flow into people's minds already. And say to fuckin' hades with the dogmatic convectionalities. 

So take a trip to the other side, if you will. 


 But  his threatening mirth falters in the presence of the weird. Since the weird knows how to valorously triumph over the archonic control, through the powers of the creative imagination. Since archonism (or tyranny you could say) solely devoids that visionary faculty......

"You unlock this door with the key of imagination.  Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind.  You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas.  You've just crossed over into the twilight zone."

"Gnostics taught that the core of the human potential is our faculty of the imagination"  John Lash, NOT IN HIS IMAGE

"The thing that scares me is Banality. The sheer banality of the actual culture we live in. My sense of what scary is related to the things I see around me. And what I see around me are people who seem to want to suppress the imagination" Clive Barker 

"People don't want to live through tragedy know that art gives them the ability to live through it imaginatively" Ramsey campbell

"The reason we have poverty is that we have no imagination. There are great many people out  there accumulating what they think is vast wealth, but it's only money....they don't know how to enjoy it, because they have no IMAGINATION" Alan Watts 

Due to our ignorance and vast stupidity we have marginalized and forbidden our sacred faculty of  the imagination in our world. We totally subdue it's potentiality, for lesser awards. Rather than manifest powerful visions to reshape this woefully stupid world , we allow the banal visions of the psychic tyrants have victorious triumph over this faculty.  Our lives are mediocre because we don't utilize this faculty. And this is why this world teems with  sheer, corporate depravity........

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