Thursday, January 10, 2013

Muse = Musick! The Sphere Of The Mysteries

In the sphere of stillness chaos came into existence to create a vibrate flow of energy. Before existence, we need vibrations in order to manifest creations, such as forms and so on. Strangely, these vibrations can be interpreted as expressive forms of musickal energies manifesting creations in the unfathomable infinitude, the essence that has bestowed us life. Muses flow through us, unaware of their origin. But as you contemplate, these inner muses come from the unfathomable essence. Though they be marginalized in the modern age, but they still retain an essential importance for guidance. They come to us in sounds of words, but these sounds of words can be considered a strange form of musick nonetheless. Thus the inners muses which flow through us, coming from the primordial essence of life being a form of musick. And needless to type, muse is sounds similar to musick.

More fascinatingly, we hear about such musickal geniuses such as Mozart hearing a continuous flow of musick in his inner self, helping him create  his masterful pieces of music long unforgotten since it's inception. Mozart, presumably, was connected to higher state of being, where he possessed a more distinct clarity of these expressive vibrate energies from the primordial essence of creation. This enabled him to attune himself to something higher, where he can not stop hearing this inner musick flowing through him from the limitless Mystery of being.

It almost seems higher the connection to the divine essence, clearer & stronger the vibrate energy you may feel. Musick, communicates to the right-hemisphere of the brain, which is the flexible, feminine side more in connection to the limitless mystery of creation. So it may be reasonable to say, when musicians engage in such an art, their connecting to their higher selfs, channeling the vibrate energies to them, then expressing how the energy flows through them by playing it on their instruments. As may you hear them say, it almost seems as though the music wrote itself. Unconsciously implying that a higher essence possessed them, helping them create their music by channeling these vibrate energies to them.

To my fathoming, the vibrate energies of the limitless Mystery is an infinite muse that only a lucky few people possess a direct communication with it, where they feel it flow distinctly through them and hear it as musick. This ability is also known as clairaudience. There was once a case of an adolescent, living in New York who used to walk and sing in rhythm continuously, play Mozart backwards and cultivated his own symphonies at the age of 12 or so. He was possessed by the rhythmical energies of the Universe, feeling their vibrations endlessly. His mind was strangely ripened to the musick sphere of creation. An unending ebb and flow of energies. This ability is also  latent to all of us. But only a few have a beautifully ripened mind where they can hear the musick of the spheres in clarity.

Some scholars and researchers such as Michael tasarion claim that ego-consciousness is a recent phenomenon, that our ancestral predecessors had a direct communion to the musick of the cosmic spheres before we fragmented our consciousness from disastrous catastrophes in distant antiquity. That hearing our voices in our head is something new. Before such woeful tragedies we had direct communion with the divine essence, such as Mozart hearing that endless musickal muse from the inexplicable Mysteries of life.