Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Venomous Doom On The Edge Of The Universe

A space craft pierced through the luminous stars, etheric milky ways and strikingly vivid planets. The spacecraft was advanced, made from a dark obscure crystals deeply buried in the earth, that is reliably indestructible to any unknown elements in the infinite, ever-growing Universe. Inside the soaring space apparatus is shiny, lucid black marble floors and walls, with a greenish strange pictoraphic language on the walls, indicating the certain importances for the certain features on the ship. At the front of the craft was the crew, gazing at effulgent cities on the moons, with it's radiation of exotic hues. Such scenes has unforgettable awesomeness to it. The crew is dressed in strangely exotic clothes, with males wearing helmets with horns on them to distinguish that they are the warrior class, whereas the elite class wore blackened hoods, with opal stone headwear around their forehead. And the emperor, sitting on his dragon head throne, has an obsidian crown on his head, with sharp, flame paint designs around his eyes, indicating his perception is inflamed with fire and intensity. The illuminated one, in other words.

The females, on the other hand, has its lower and elite class distinctions as well. And the empiress sat right next the emperor, awaiting their unseen destination.

A planet, with a blackened green effulgence aura, was giving off insidious vibrations as the star ship went involuntarily towards it, helplessly. As the ship went, it wobbled disastrously towards the planet and plunged itself into gloomy yellowish waters in close proximity of the misty lands.

Woefully, some crew members died from the pain-stalking drama of the crash and were left behind as the remaining of the crew went in search of intelligible life forms on the planet. The treacherous terrains were a reddish desert, permeated with erupting volcano's and sentient fungi plantation, mercilessly entangling you with their vines and webs.

 Later, after much search and exploration, the crew encountered the indigenous inhabitants of the planet and were menaced by their attitude towards them, as they did their ceremonial dances. The inhabitants were orangish-skinned 7 th foot humanoids, with peculiar trunks protruding out of the sides of their mouths. In the distant corner was a web, filled humanoid sized cacoons. As they crackled opened, beings with dark multi-colored wings would come out and utter screeching hisses in the air, then go fly towards the gigantic red trees and hang upside down on the branches of the trees.

After this strange spectacle, the crew members noticed a building which had a close similarity to Gothic cathedrals, covered with misshapen statues. As they walked towards it, hideous blackish smoke would emerge out of the pot halls on the  ground and vanish into the sky. Inside were frighteningly tall pale white humanoids, who happened to be androgynous. They had bones pointed out of their body, with saggy skin and black eyes with penetrating white pupils. Some of them were crawling on the ceiling backwards, making agonizing utterances by their preternatural eggs. They also had wings, with a darkened multi-colored interior.

"Hello Earthlings" one of them said " We were once human as well, in search of immortality. We were instinctively impelled to come to this planet, because of the knowledge of the inhabitants possessed about immortality and physiological transformation. We came here 10, 000 years ago, escaping from Earth, due to charges related to our misuse of sorcery and technology on earth. After our escape, we decided to obtain immortality somehow and become supreme beings of malignant sorcery so we could successfully fulfill our destinies to become masters of The Universe, by virtually out living every one. And needless to say our immortality gives us time to develop our psychic faculties which  give us time to increase our Art of Malignant Sorcery. Anyway, when we arrived at this planet the inhabitants knew what we wanted, instinctually. Immortality! In order to so, we were given bizarre drugs and brews to alter our states of consciousness. Then we were instructed to go in pairs consisting of the opposite sexes on the enchanted, mysterious web in order to induce androgyny. Then the inhabitants did their enigmatic chants, then a particularly large spider came out of the cave and on to the web and started to wrap us into a cocoons. Through out time in the cocoons our bodies molded as one and we became androgynous, having acute inter-dimensional experiences. In duration of this procedure we noticed our hearing and psychic abilities became more acute. Our bodies made new formations and extensions. We developed wings. The entire structure of our bodies were transformed after this painful procedure.  Once we came out of the cacoons we decided to establish this particular building, expressing our inter-dimensional aesthetics on it. Here, in this corner is our obidian stone. We skry through it so we can manage to find victims to involuntarily compel towards our planet. As you may or may not figured out by now, we live off the energy and flesh of other being to sustain our immortality." He stopped talking and spread his preternatural wings that engulfed the collective perception of the crew....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Reincarnation fallacy.

Reincarnation is a seemingly prevalent conception in the occult and spiritual terrains, but I think it's ultimately erroneous, to  say least. When people have past memories of distant lives it is not them in those lives, it is their predecessors. Their predecessors memories are embedded in their genes & D.N.A and they somehow unconsciously activate these strangely lucid memories of their distant lives.

It has now been scientifically proven that we carry the memories and wounds of our ancestors in our unfathomably enigmatic genes .  As matter of fact I follow the theory that all our actions of our predecessors are intricately stored in the unconscious & what is called "Junk D.N.A". Perhaps their primordial wisdom is also accessible to us as well, all the enigmatic wisdom long forgotten in the world is dormant in our genes, deep down those uncharted ancestral memories. Something to think about!!

But folks, please. I'm not trying to downplay the fascinating mysteries of the what comes after death. On the contrary I'm offering the unspoken alternative. Time in this reality is  simultaneous and therefore not linear, so the reincarnation concept must be flawed.
We are an extension of our family lineage, in this reality. Our genes makes who we are, but not fully. That unique spark of divinity in us is mysteriously unfathomable to us, a gift  from the unknown. And that unknown must be the infinite eternity where we came from and go back to after this temporary life.

As William Blake Said
"This world of imagination is the world of Eternity; it is the divine bosom into which we shall go after the death of the vegetated body. This World is infinite and eternal, whereas the world of generation, or vegetation, is finite and temporal. There exist in that eternal World the permanent realities of Every Thing we see in this reflected in this vegetable glass of Nature. All Things are comprehended  in their eternal forms in the divine body of the savior, The True Vine Of Eternity, The Human Imagination."

It's necessary to be intuitive and intelligently speculative when it come to matters such as this. Speculation and intuition are essential keys to help us understand this mysteriously complex universe in which we inhabit. Anyway, in the movie "What dreams may come" The main character dies and finds himself inside his dreams, wandering aimlessly in the world of imagination. This movie perhaps captures a gnostic understanding where we may go when our physical incarnation ceases here. We might plunge into the world of imagination, where life and dreams intertwine with each other into the same manifested reality.

The physical and spiritual are inseparable, they might reflect off of each other and what we put inside of our heads! go ahead and ponder it!