Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Darkside Of Gnosticism

"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of Wonders" Lord Dunsany

We seldom look at the darkness in our World. But without the vast darkness in the Universe we would not have the shiny luminosity of the stars. Some times darkness doesn't have to be identified as evil, it can also be identified as the unknown, being veiled in darkness because people still have to explore it's Wonders.

"To me there was nothing grotesque in the bones and skeletons that strowed some of the stone crypts deep down among the foundations. I fantastically associated these things with every-day events, and thought them more natural than the colored pictures of living beings which I found in many mouldy books" H.P Lovecraft

There's fascinating mysteries in the decadence, the strangeness, and grotesqueness in our absurd world. Uncanny beauties come out of them, enthralling the populace of this planetary entity, earth. The roots of flower's are distorted and disfigured which are embedded in the dark soil. But they manage to produce gorgeousness when the plantation springs out of the dirt into the sun's illumination. However, prior to it's growth, the seed must be plunged and planted into the dark soil in order for it to grow. In it''s beginning stages it seems disfigured, but it grows into something else completely. 

So it's just a natural evolutionary process. 

In antique cultures such as The Mayan's and Greek's. The Seeress and Jaguar Priest used to spend extensive time in absolute darkness to increase their melatonin in order to develop their clairvoyant perceptions so they could possess the lucidity to penetrate through the Nighted Darkness. I see the darkness as a evolutionary mechanism to give this reality necessary dynamism, for creation purposes. It's deepens our forgetless mysteries in our reality, giving them more strangeness and wonder. But the Night Land of consciousness can be shuddersome at first, but it becomes fascinating once you get to know it. And see it's existential enrichment, for what it really is. 

"The black intelligence is the divination of the Mysteries of Night, the attribution of reality to the forms of the invisible. It is the belief in vague possibility, light in dream...let us respect the Mysteries of The shadow but keep our lamps burning" Eliphaz Levi 

The shadows remain unseen and elusive, because we never take the time to venture into The Night Land of consciousness. So all equilibration with it becomes lost. Then we see the horrors of The Night Land run wild on this god-forsaken plane of Existence. Trying to get our attention so we can see the Stars of potentialities. Then, due to our lack of vigilance,  the lunacy of the luscious moon influences our natures to become lycanthropic and then we become susceptible to the cult of shadows that prowl the Night. Becoming slaves to their vulgar demands.

"Thirteen gather on a moonless night
The morning star is burning bright


Followers, they sing and dance
The pipes of pan have weaved a trance 
Dressed back
no turning back

Doom mantia"

"No Turning back



"No Turning Back     DOOM-MANITA"

"The fundamental meaning of Death in Key 13 is that the manifestor of the universe. The sun is the center and 12 signs of the zodiac surround it, making 13 signs in all. The king has fallen, reminding us kings must inevitably fall.  There is perpetual transformation, one aspect of which is death-birth. Death is the protest against stagnation - it is by death social changes for the better come to pass and old ideas give away. With the new generation, new ideas gain currency as youth comes into maturity.

The 13th card is a suggestion to change old concepts for new, to change rigid intellectual patterns. Petty prejudices, ambitious, and opinions gradually die. The change from the personal to the universal view is so radical that mystics often compare it to DEATH. But death is the twin brother of life. Creation necessitates it's opposite - destruction. As spirits descends into matter, so it must return to it's source. Death is half of the universal transforming principle. But spirit is immortal; Thus humanity can never die, for the destroyer has become the creator" Eden gray 

Destruction and death is natural so freshly new forms of creations come into being, into this dualistic reality. 

 Kronos is currently taking us through a Rites Of Passage of  Death & Rebirth . So we either put the old, disservicing paradigms to death. Or we cling on Saturn's rings, like golem in Lords Of The Rings.   

It's time to put these absurd paradigms to Death and grow new, beneficial ones out of their ugliness. 

But before we do that. We must go to Night Land in order to go to The Sabbat in search for new knowledge, for our new Paradigms.

"Help me in my search for knowledge,
I must learn the Secret Art.
Who dares to help me raise the on
Whose very name near stills my heart?
Discard your clothes and come on foot,
Through streams and fields and moonlit moors,
Your bodies soaked in secret oils,
Perfumed herbs will heal your sores.
Join me in my search for power.

Wives and husbands bring your kin.
We´ll be as one within the hour.
Let the Sabbat now begin.
Come, come, come to the Sabbat.
Come to the Sabbat - Satan´s there!"

        Hail Satan, The Lord Of Darkness,

                 Bringer Of Knowledge

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  1. That's the very 'nature' of Gnosticism, young wyzarde, that it is a dark universe, severred from its Creatrix/Creator. I used to 'bee' an Ophite-identified Gnostic, proudly wearing the Tau Cross pendant enwound by the Serpent of Gnoledge. I have, all told, moved on to more integrated realms since then. But if you're inner-arrested, there is always the Gnostic Friends Network to get lost in, like a labyrinth to keep hiding in. There's just no telling how the story ends now. Keep fighting the Good Fight, Jason. It just keeps getting better ~ Anadae