Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Writing is a form of Sorcery!

``Thoth, God of Magick, was merely a man who invented writing, as his monuments declare clearly enough. ``Gamarye``, Magick, is only the ``Gramma``. So also the old name of a Magical ritual, ``Grimoire`` is merely a ``Grammar`` Aleister Crowley

It rarely occurs to people that words are a form of symbolism. These symbolic abstractions known as words have the power to awaken latent potentialities and oddities within people, invoking forces that would not otherwise enter their being without the use of Words. Writing words is a magickal ritual in itself, using these abstract symbols to conjure visions within people`s minds, by changing their state of consciousness in order to activate those dormant worlds that lye within them. Then seeing these visions manifest into reality through comics, art, music, movies, fashion and etc.   The stronger the potency for the writing spells are, the stronger the impact it can have on the minds of the Masses.

These symbols can be used to provoke thought, take people to different places, empower people and even corrupt them. For instance, in the documentary ``How Star Trek Changed The World` it specifically showed how scientists were influenced by the ideas in the star trek, by borrowing them to make their own scientific inventions such as sliding doors and wireless phones you see in society today. These ideas have their roots in science fiction, which was firstly written in stories and then made into episodes. In any case writing was the original medium for these ideas. Then it was expressed in other mediums and somehow magically manifested into our existence. And this all begun in the expression of words.

So writing is a form of sorcery that can sculpt our minds, for good or ill. Writing changes people`s psychology. People even at times emulate how the writer articulates his expressions, or emulates his visions to come up with their own artistic creations. And needless to say their visions are influenced by the expressions of words the writer uses. Thus writing being a form of Sorcery to invoke imaginative visions within people. The more genuine it`s authenticity, the stronger the literary sorcery is...

Any times you either feel inspired or wretched is because of the use of words you have been exposed to, not realizing the potent effect it carries. In this reality our primal medium for ideas is words.
``In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and word was God``
This is an essential allegory that postulates everything in creation starts with the word, however that word is designed, it`s begins with that primal symbol to inspire creation with. And everything in our world is generally inspired by symbols & words, whether you realize it or not. All Establishments, Schools, Politics and Art is are fueled by words, those abstract symbols we use.

So every time you write see it as a ritual taking place, knowing that writing has the potential change people`s psychology, for good or ill. So be careful with the words you use, you don`t want the undesirable to manifest into your reality.

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