Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Elusive Reality Of Psychopathy part 5 - The Wolf In Sheep Clothing

The wolf's in sheep clothing who have infiltrated our social institutions have a great weakness, once they are detected as psychopaths. They've lost. It doesn't take a professional to spot them, it takes knowledge to spot them out. Once our awareness increases about them, they have no where to run.  They are pinned against the wall. The reason why the world is in a state of turmoil is because corporations and resource companies have been infiltrated by psychopaths. It's psychopathic behaviour to ruthlessly kill animals, in those corporate farms, and it's psychopathic behaviour to commit vast ecocide. It's not human nature, it's a human condition. Unfortunately, a lot of humans have been conditioned to be psychopathic. Don't misunderstand me, either. Humans are always responsible for their actions, but unfortunately a lot of humans who participate in such actions don't realize they've been conditioned to be psychopathic. A psychopathic doesn't feel no remorse, but humans do, especially when they exercise their conscience.

Fortunately, for us, it's easy to spot a wolf in sheep clothing once you're aware of this phenomenon. Perhaps when people are more cognizant about it, they will make it mandatory to test if people are psychopathic before they want to attain to certain positions in our society. Especially the prominent ones. When they become a powerful influence in our society their intent is to dehumanize. Look at what the media has done to certain area's in the states, it has totally destroyed people psychology where they rampantly claw at each other for cheap rubbish at wal-mart. Because the media has a psychopathic influence where they directly aim at people's desires and insecurities to destroy them in a cloak of benevolence. These people are deeply paranoid as well, this is why in certain areas in the world they have constant surveillance to watch everybody. Worse yet, they like to treat people as children by telling us obvious things at airports such as this" As you walk down the stairs please put your hand on the handrail when you have luggage in your hand. This is absurd to the extreme. People know this naturally, they don't need to be told this on the speaker phone.

If you want the desecration of art, ecology, free-thinking, animals and most importantly human's lives to stop. Do your self a favour, learn about psychopathy. Then pass down your knowledge to someone else so this awareness can grow. This is very serious!

As in dune, one teaches ten, then ten teaches hundred, then a hundred teaches a thousand, then a thousand teaches ten thousands. This is what needs to happen within the next 5 years, if we don't want to live in a permanent dystopia.

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