Saturday, December 1, 2012

Multisphere Implement

Broaden the mind
Let the multisphere implement

Is this answer to end our worldly wretchedment?

It's a cosmic impulse
Which I oftenly muse

Such mastery of ways,
Will allow us to feel the cosmic rays
Listen to what I say

Psychic tyrannies have gone far enough unrecognized
Our realities have been compromised
No actions to defend is unwise

Push aside the dreamless fools
Allow them to dwell in their wretched hells
'cause they can't hear the calling of the higher bells

Broaden the mind
Let the multisphere implement

Such actions will bring a continuous wonderment
though it's devilishments come along with it
if psychically unfit
you will go down, down to the nethermost pits
when your shattered wits fall into the abyss

Where chaos may not be your bliss!!