Monday, December 3, 2012

The Damonic

 physicality delusion Deemed
far superior than what the materialist's have seen

These damonic illusions are reality teemed
 to wrestle minds
To make you feel like a fiend

Since the inception of time
they've been not so kind
from their ominous signs

a trickster
to induce feelings unfine

Such beings you can not find
especially when you posses a narrow mind

Their ambiguity has always long been
But your mysterium can go on a wane
Otherwise your mind will go  Insane


Trying to make this mystery tame
but your to blame
for your shame!

Cause this sphere should not be deemed a game

Only insanity is to gain
when you think this ambiguity will become tame
And the Mystery should be known all the same
Only insanity is to gain

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