Sunday, December 2, 2012

Anarchy Is The Only Way Forward!

It's imperative that this world becomes anarchistic so all kinds of individuals can have freedom to do their own pursuits and move the world by their own expressions of genius, rather than have people be culturally dumbed down so they are fine with being treated as automatons where they're only allowed to produce mindless rubbish which neither enriches them nor the world, but only their masters with their attractive profits they make from their hard labour.
People generally say this external authority is the only way to keep people productive so they don't waste away their time doing nothing. This is a synonym for saying only enslavement will make people productive, which is absolute folly. People tend to adopt poisonous ideologies which is given to them by their society so the architects of control can sustain their empire. When people think the only incentive to get people to work is money , it's clear their victims of a poisonous culture. Ideally, if the world had proper education which taught you to become your own master, most people today would find today's work deplorable, without a doubt. Not to mention, in the past, people managed to develop communities and did work voluntarily before money was existent in the World. Why can we not do that today?!

Laws, however, don't prevent the problems. They cause problems to increase. Rather than going to the root of the problem, the politicians just fabricate artificial laws which is violation of the laws of Nature. The politicians have taken the place of the priest's, what's written in their book they perilously say is our reality to obey, or we shall be punished. Just absolutely comparable to the days when the church ruled over people. Of course people are going to have the obvious opinion you need these laws to keep te world in order. Nothing is further from truth, it's the system that's out of order. Fortunately, most people possess a conscience, but we live in a system which discourages people to live conscientiously so they can get successfully ahead in society by taking advantage of people. The system in itself is psychopathic, and this is why psychopaths are the most successful people in our world. A lot of people have perilously adopted their way of thinking thanks to their influence upon our culture, of expensive purchases and extensive accumulation, but no sharing. They need to sustain this strenuous influence so people don't see for what they are, pathetic individuals who can't create for themselves. Their ideologies have become culturally dominant to make people emulate such pathetic individuals to feed their extremely, unhealthy ego-orgies.  Thanks to their influence in our culture we have moronic fools who say"The boys with the most toys win" or "Without money you can't have love" amongst other toxic sayings. 

It's the time the world sees the problems in a philosophical perspective as oppose to a political one. When someone commits criminality, it's probably due to his circumstances in society. (However. to make it perfectly clear I'm not implying the criminal shouldn't be guilty for his wrong actions.) Living in a profoundly negative environment and culture which makes people more prone to self-murder, where they shut off their emotions and no longer have empathy for no one else. The world is always going to have these deeply sick individuals running around who are blind to their vices if our negative culture and environment doesn't change. This is largely caused by the pernicious influence of the media, which alienates people from their real nature. A 24-7 bombardment of toxic, negative messages specifically designed to keep people psychologically dis-empowered so the architects of control can sustain their empire. If this doesn't stop, then you will always see fragmented individuals do negative actions towards each other. Because once the populace is fragmented and psychologically dis-empowered by the hypnotic spells of the media, the architects of control can come in and provide them with the hand-rails in society for their security.

Until the day comes, if ever, where the expression of an anarchy of idea's is existent in the world, then this world will change. Because of now, there's so much suppression of knowledge and technologies which is sequestered from us that could enrich our culture and world. 

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