Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Fall

In the cataclysmic age
Man's psyche became unwholesome
it virtually darkened
Only abit stayed lit
from fearsome catastrophes

A fall into matter took place
by wicked misuse of power

Then days of ominous savagery begun
Archonic lords took their advantage
from those traumatized minds
that became victims of their foul spells
when their pestilent religons took hold of their shattered minds

Trapped in their labyrinth, confused and weary
by their sorcery
Only a dim light to the path of illumination was left

But altantean wonders still linger
it creeps out of our sub-conscious recollection
into our dreams and artistries
A distant calling of old!

To be a tangible memory yet again
And shall remain a forgetless wonder!

An amnesiac species we've yet to realize we are

After long age of misery
with sub-conscious scars from our ancesotor's past horrors
done by archonic spells
Suffering and healing augments

Now a new age is on the precipice
where humanity may be free
Or become eternal slaves if they fall victims of the cyborgic ways
to make a emotionless being with their ultimate sorcery
A new fall will begin yet again

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