Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Elusive Reality Of Psychopathy: Part 3 - Psychopathy In The Scientific Establishment. The Nefarious Agenda Of Posthumanism.

"A terrifying future thunders toward mankind, an impending fate embodied by monstrous, blasphemous combinations of human and animal genetic materials, of man/machine cyborgs, and of beings not only with increased capacities and extended life-spans, but also with re-engineered morality void of compassion. This future is so abhorrent, as to almost defy the imagination. These new beings, and the transhumanists looking forward to their arrival, will not be benevolent. Just the opposite. Because the goal of those creating these being will be that they replace human beings, that the new race will be post -humans. The word "posthuman" sounds innocuous enough, util one realizes that "post" means " "after"

This grotesque phenomenon of post-humanism is on the precipice, with disguising panacea's of extended life and downloadable intelligence. In comparison to the biological apparatus, the human body, this hideous contraption fails to measure up to the potential faculties of  what the human body can offer. What they call "Junk Dna" contains the mysterious intelligence of the universe.  The universe created the earth and the earth created you, the human body is designed by higher intelligence and does not need to be degraded by the posthumanists and eugenicists who are trying to convince humanity to their sinister Post-Human agenda, where your potential will phenomenally increase if you buy into their lies. Of course, it's going to have certain benefits for the disable, but a human in general doesn't need a upgrade. There's a visibly distinct line between loving knowledge and gaining it, just by downloading knowledge in you won't make you intelligent. It'll just make you  an accumulator of information. These dangerously insane people, who get their products endorsed by the media are going to make pernicious dangers to our society and culture with their shrewdly cultivated machinations to create a cyborg human without emotions. Once the emotions are erased, the human can no longer create or love, he can only do what his programmed.  Some of the materialists (or atheists) who are afraid of death seem to be intrigued by this abnormal invention, of post-humanism where you can increase your life span and live longer. In remote antiquity, where high cultures expressed the importance of the immortal soul and that you should not fear death, because this life time is only a drop in the ocean of eternity.Listen to them! Obviously, they inherently understood what they were talking about, since their sciences were more advanced than ours. First of all, look at how they were in harmony with their environment and the extraordinarily magnificent architecture they made which still stands in the world today. We don't understand how they were built, much less know how to make buildings comparable to theirs.

A lot of these people who endorse this are psychologically broken, some are psychopaths, while other's are just dangerous idiots. The human doesn't need a upgrade, it's not broken. Their view of the world is. Just like what Michael Tsarion said" They try to fix what isn't broken, trying to put ear-rings on the mona lisa"

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