Saturday, December 8, 2012

Evil Disguised As Freedom

"Evil is the obstruction of freedom"  When you spell evil backwards you get Live. How can you live without freedom?! You can't. So bear in mind when you see freedoms and rights being taken away it's an act of EVIL, not a political necessity. Furthermore, anything that's a violation to my free will is thus EVIL. Because an external force is in opposition on how I should live. Hence it being EVIL!

For instance, if I was outside smoking a joint and policeman approached me so he could  apprehend me for a smoking joint. This is considered an act of EVIL! Because, according to Natural Law. I'm allowed to do anything I'd like as long as I don't harm a fellow citizen. In reality the policeman's idea of reality is backwards, and this is why he commits acts of Evil. Remember, evil being the opposite of Live.

The definition of live is ultimately about having free will. As long as the free will is not used to violate someone else's free-will to commit acts of Evil.

It should be obvious, if thoroughly understood. we have evil disguised as freedom. What's written as law by man is irrelevant. There's only Natural Law!

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