Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Elusive Reality Of Psychopathy Part 4. Toxic psychopathy in the psychiatric industry.

"We don't have an epidemic of mental illnesses in the world, we have an epidemic of psychiatry in the world"

First of all, the human is born inherently perfect. It's the system that's broken, then psychiatrists try to fix what isn't broken with their crude methods. Psychiatry has been a history of torture. An intelligent psychopath is perfectly intrigued in psychiatry so he can have the deceitful mastery over people, then play mind-fuck games with his patients. Since the inception of this institution it has been coarse, always trying to convince individuals their mad because they can not fit into society, prescribing chemical drugs to problems which are spiritually based. Now we are living in a generation where everybody thinks they have a mental illness, because Pharma likes to meticulously target people about certain issues to the populace which makes them feel less efficient in society. However, it never occurs to the majority of the world that trying to adapt to an abnormal society will make you neurotic. And therefore accepting the pharmaceutical drugs will just make you psychically dead, an emotionless zombie in other words. 

It's totally apparent to me that a lot of psychopaths have infiltrated this institution, otherwise safer methods to heal the psyche would be employed. Not this dangerous madness. Perhaps it's time to realize that not all people are the same, and have their own specialities and weaknesses. Perspectives are not collective, everybody sees reality differently.  Sometimes what is known as a flaw can be a latent virtue. In indigenous cultures, if they witnessed a child acting strange they would take him to a shaman to see if he was a potential genius, or if the child simply was deranged. Some of these people psychiatrists  deem mad may have certain mystical faculties which allows them to see reality in a radically different view than the majority of people, which doesn't necessarily mean their mad. In fact, it's the psychiatrists who are stark mad. According to some psychologists, some schizophrenics can see through all the deceit and lies in society, and doesn't want to participate in it. Any time when someone explores new methods, it's denounced. Once realizing this, it's apparent that the people who triumph this institution are psychopathic lunatics. A sane person would be receptive to new methods, and fix it's follies. Unfortunately, we have a lot of decent people in these institutions who can't think for themselves so they abide to the crude methods and continue the dreadful torture.

It's really terrible hearing children get treated with pharmaceutical drugs and deliberately inflict pain to themselves so they can feel alive because they have been thoroughly medicated. This isn't right. So this is why learning about psychopathy has necessary importance, so people can detect them and not allow them to infiltrate institutions where they can abuse people against their volition. It's now, or never. We can let these people keep on damaging brilliant minds, because they don't fit to the accordance of their pre-conceived notions of reality. Such as this"You don't fit in the system, you're broken" Perhaps its time take into consideration that all these so called add,adhd, autistic children (or people) are here to show the world different ways to interpret reality. Perhaps its the pre-dominate view of what sanity is that needs adjusting.  

Now I leave you with the luminous star, Roky Erickson. A genius who was sent to prison for smoking marijuana and was given lobotomies, for being considered a "Mad Person" 

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