Monday, December 3, 2012

The Elusive Reality Of Psychopathy part 2 - The Descration Of Art

Psychopaths have successfully infiltrated social institutions in our world, for the purpose to attain money, influence and ultimately power.  One of which is the art industry they have thoroughly raped from the populace of this world. Rather than have motives to culturally enrich the world with the endorsement of artistic endeavours, they merely see it as a commodity to make profit. Nothing more. They've marginalized such artistic creations as Literature, Music, Art etc for business purposes. How can we have a real culture when people are only motivated to make art only for business purposes?! And the genuine artists have to compromise their material in order to get their material distributed and released by them?! These are the awful perils that come with not understanding the phenomenon of Psychopathy. They can elusively get by, untouched. And then, come in and take advantage of our institutions and merely use them for their personal business purposes, and foully manipulate to attain their agenda of control. Because of this, we presently live in a culture specifically designed for business, which neither enriches nor empowers the populace of the World, but only keeps them down. If people knew about psychopathy, they would find this negligible. But unfortunately a lot of people have adopted their way of thinking, this is why a  lot of people merely concentrate on financial profit and popularity, which is psychopathic-like nature.  In consequence such people as Bill gates and Donald trump are looked up to by may people and are deemed cultural heroic idols in the World. Nothing can be further from sanity...And to put this consequence, in other words, they've literally raped our magic as a species.

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