Thursday, September 27, 2012

Society's Lunacy: The Crazed Psychopathy Of The World. The present ways must perish for the NEW

"We must all the face the fact that our leaders are certifiably insane or worse" William S.Burrough

Why is it in this present age we happen live in has a system which allows the scum to rise to the top, rather than the cream, and we all collectively pay for it. Our freedom's are systematically eradicated by the few who are in power who like to keep us in ever-lasting bondage.

It's a shame of this age we allow such psychologically deranged people to be in power, and only a minority of people speak out openly against this madness. These people can't control themselves, let alone the World and yet we allow them to triumph in our societies. So now, finally, we have an adequate grasp of psychopathy which allows us to know how to cite out Psychopaths, and we must not take such knowledge for granted. It's time to say "NO" to their illusionary dominion. In reality they have no dominion over us and authority is ultimately not the Truth. Authority derives from the word "Author", and  Laws are nothing more than spells written by them.  Upon knowing this we should not let authority become the author of our lives.


                            Be wary of his voice, he might put a spell upon you!

These toxic, foul psychopaths are so afraid of life they want to destroy any potentiality of life has to offer, they can't bear to see life grow spontaneously, and freely in the World. They must live in a world of Death so they can live comfortably. As someone once said "They are Bio-phobic psychopaths" 
The time has come to be become vigilant to such problems in our midst, if we want a world of freedom in the future. 

We're on the threshold of a global watered down culture, trying to force a cultural dominion over of us. A culture of cheap rubbish and awful fast food. Little do people know the food they supply us is a form of Mind - Control. The food is genetically perverted which perverts your genes when you digest the food. You are what you eat, after all. There's a lot of relevance and significance in that saying. So, in the dire need for change we should start supporting the local underdogs who compassionately and passionately make their material, as oppose to supporting these heartless, soulless corporations noticeably run by psychopaths. We must put an end to this foul madness by supporting the local and small companies who make their material qualitatively, with sheer love, for what they have to offer. 

This is the kind of world we want to work toward

..."The final goal of world revolution is not socialism or even communism, it is not a change in the existing economic system, it is not the destruction of civilization in a material sense; the revolution desired by the leaders is a moral and spiritual revolution, an anarchy of ideas by which all standards set up throughout nineteen centuries shall be reversed" Neta Webster

That's right, you heard it, an anarchy of ideas which could illuminate and enrich our lives for the better. Finally the time has come where we can freely disseminate our idea's on the internet in which we don't get suppressed by the media. This is important for our intellectual and spiritual growth so we can expand our awareness with an anarchy of ideas on the cyber realm. Perhaps this can even lead to the gradual growth of a wholearchical system, and not this hierarchical one where we get systematically oppressed by the people in power. This is an age of SOLUTIONS! Perhaps we should think about a system where all people serve eachother so all people can be free, rather than the majority of people serve a privileged few which doesn't benefit us at all as a whole.

So was it the shamans, druids or in anybody of that likeness talked about wholearchy? Because it's the only system that can be successful amongst it's people. Hierarchy is a form of psychopathy. A man of real power doesn't want to have control over people, so why must we sit back and allow these toxic maniacs to do what they want which is not reasonable to us. It has to end. There's too many toxic people in power where they create our decisions for us. Needless to say there's a reason why the Druidic Priestclass of old had a system where you had to be morally pure to become a Druid. In our day and age it has been reversed, anybody who is able to jump through the hoops can become a Doctor, Politician, or an owner of a corporation. We don't even ask if these people are morally pure for their positional responsibility. This why you see slavery triumph over freedom, pharmaceutical drugs triumph over herbal medicine, indoctrination triumph over education. This is even why you see McDonald's at Hospitals. It all needs to end soon. Well, anyway I'll end here until next time 

"The solution is simple. By recognizing and claiming our own sovereign power to create reality. - actually exercising it - we connect that which is unreal. Knowing this make it infinitely harder to influence and returns the power of creation back to the real masters of reality - us." Neil Kramer

Hawkwind - Children Of The Sun

The Golden Age Of The Future Comes
That Which Was Dreamed Of In The Past
Where Freedom reigns on minds of peace
Minds rich in wisdom to the last
We are the children of the sun and this is our inheritance
No Longer Chaos And Confusion
But Love And Laughter
Song And Dance

                      Become The Master Of Your Reality !

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