Thursday, September 27, 2012

In The Realm Of The Holiness

It was known to the ancients, and it shall be known to us again that man is the Microcosm of Macrocosm. He's the epitome of a mini-universe, an inseparable entity from the cosmos, so to speak. The outer realm is but a reflection of the inner realm.

                    As Black Sabbath Stated " The Symptom Of The Universe Is Written In Your Eyes"

Though they perhaps didn't realize the deep significance and relevance of what they had written in their lyrics is knowledges humanity unconsciously strives for, in these bleak and unmystical times, of horrible delusion.

Upon a direct gnosis I had awhile ago I instantly, and magically realized that the Rainbow is the equivalent colours of our Chakra System. In consideration of what our wise ancestors said that the inner and outer our realm is inseparable it seems almost as though this is an emanation of our inner realm. 

Now, let's delve appropriately, in the Mythology Of Old to see what is relevant to this phenomena.

I know that I hung on the windswept tree for nine full nights,
Wounded with a spear and pledged to odin 
offered, myself to myself
The wiset know not from whence spring
the roots of ancient tree.

They did not comfort me with bread,
and not with the drinking horn 
I peered downward,
I grasped the "Runes" screaming I grasped them

Nine powerful spells I learned
from the famous son Bolthor 
father of belsta 
and I got draught of precious mead
poured magic from Orderir 

Learned I grew then, lore-wise
grew and prospered well 
word from word gave words to me
Deed from deed gave deeds to me

Of course this was an initiatory Rites Of Passage. for the Nordic Tradition. It's known in india people savagely torture themselves to enter into alter state of consciousness, and The American Natives do fasting methods to do the same objective as well. So this poem is implicitly saying the intiate hung on a tree for  9 long night wounded with a spear most probably trying to aspire to altered state of consciousness so he can enter the spiritual realm to have a visionary quest

"The Ancient Cultures of middle earth seemed to be based on a shamanically inspired vision of life, as we shall see later. This means that their notion of the structure of the cosmos, and the spiritual realms, was discovered for them by wizard's - people who could enter into trance states which they believed could enable them to transcend the earthly realm. "Fly" into the other worlds of spirit, and return with descriptions of the geographies of those scared places" Brian Bated The real middle earth

Does such visionary scenery as Valhalla emanate from within us when we aspire to such altered states of consciousness ? When leparchaun's, in Irish Folklore say" Pot of gold is over the rainbow" are they addressing the alchemical metaphor that gold means higher states of awareness? Perhaps it does.  Do these realm lay latent in the unconscious. Once they are awaken do we emanate them from within us?

"Odin saw the Upperworld and Middle World were connected by bridge of fire, a flaming rainbow bridge, called bifrost. This can sometimes be glimpsed from within every state of consciousness Snorri sturlson says" You will have seen it but maybe you call it the rainbow. It has three colours and is very strong, and made with more skill and cunning than other structures. The Trembling Way Bridge transported the wizard from the world of the mundane reality to the otherworld, the transcended states of consciosness" Brian Bates

Are these transcendental realms latent in our psyche, and can only be reveal through higher states of consciousness which is why were are not privy to such sceneries?! Perhaps so. 

We see absolutely amazing similarities with our brain neurons and the tree's. Why is that? Well, I believe the external manifestations come from our inner world. For instance 

Can't you see the distinct similarities in there structures? The bottom part of the neuron has basically the same structural formation as the roots of the Tree, and on top of that the branches look similar to the upper part of neuron. It's truly mind-blowing when you honesty think about it. The comparisons are beyond coincidence.
Now, lets go deeper!

"Tree's were not external objects, but also formed a pathway for people to move into the spirit world. Far back, Norse legends tell us, the god Odin, archetypal Wizard, climbed into a tree, from there journeyed through the realms of spirit, and came back with the map of cosmos"Brian Bates

Can we, tentatively speaking, enter to the pathway of the tree when the neurons in our brain open. "As within so without" as the saying goes. Once the electrical, spiritual charge goes through our neurons will the pathway open for us? Perhaps so! Not to mention we have a psychic connection to matter which should allow us to do such manifestations. 

"Today we would tend to conceive of the otherworld as being located in our psyche, perhaps deep in our conscious."

Now, lets go even deeper into the Mighty unknown. Hold on tight!

The cosmology of middle earth

According to the myth odin climbed into a tree, stayed there for 9 days and nights without neither food nor water, and had a transcendental experience where a eight legged horse appeared inside the tree which he rode the otherworld with. 

"They lie at the heart of all shamanic visionary activity, and odin's journey on The World Tree echoes apparently universal experience of shamans in all cultures, and all times. In tribal cultures whose traditions survived into modern times, anthropologists have described how apprentice shamans acquire their helping spirits, those "beings"  which advise, give healing powers and assist in journeys to worlds of knowledge. To journey there, they carry out highly ritualized, sacralized and impeccably executed retreats into the "untamed" landscape are well beyond the normalizing and secure bounds of human society" Brian bates 

So odin(or the initiate) presumably encountered a spiritual entity, the 8 legged horse which guided him in the otherworld to fulfil his destiny.  Yggdrasil has 3 levels, lower, middle and upper earth. This most probably coincides with the holy trinity 

I'll expand upon this in other times. For now I'll leave with this!

White Magic / Black Magic

I believe in miracles
I don't believe in sin
I believe in wizardry
I don't believe in trends
White magic / Black magic
Which am I to choose?
I believe that is up to me
I don't believe in you
I believe in fairy tales
I don't believe in lies
I believe in innocence
I don't believe your eyes
White magic / Black magic
What am I to do?
Charmes and curses screaming from
Me each one aimed at you
I believe in second chances
I don't believe in firsts
I believe that it's getting harder
I don't believe in worse
White magic / Black magic
Both become my tools
Pressure rising, perish now
You optimistic fool


  1. Awesome stuff, Jason! It pleases me that you've started this blog. Cool insights, man. And thanks for your continued support of my own work,

  2. Thanks, Raj. I hope we can influence each other to make more dynamic and creative posts so we can make a gradual foundation and understanding of what life is really about!