Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Occult Science Of Ritualism

We like provocative, magickal potency here in the realm of the Mystery Warlords.

Is matter stagnant energy developed by our lack of vibrational movements?! For instance, tentatively speaking,is it plausible to transcend matter by raising our vibrational frequency to higher state of existence where realities are less dense. Ritualism, for that matter, can change our vibration by making musical movements in which we become less stagnant. Needless to say our D.N.A is a vibrational  form of energy, and sounds and vibrations have a direct influence upon it. It almost seems Ritualism is an apparatus which can enable us to transcend the lower densities. Should we take Ritualism in the western world more seriously? I think so. This statement has deep relevance to what I'm trying to address.

"The only thing that anchors us in the third density is our state of consciousness. When we conduct our thinking in a mechanical and rigid manner, we keep our consciousness coarse. This prevents it from interacting with other densities" Neil Kramer

Knowing this wouldn't ritualism help us become less rigid and flexible, and ultimately spiritual beings? Perhaps it does!
Also, when we do these rituals are we giving the earth significant stimulus to it, too, so it can raise it's vibration and ultimately this action makes the enrichment of the earth and humanity existence. I'm of the opinion these are metaphysical questions we should start asking in our World, if we crave for the spiritual, that is. Ultimately, as a species, we must transcend our passive nature to evolve, though it's hard and struggling in this era of existence where we can hardly move around and be free. But we should never disregard the relevance and importance of it because of those matters. We look at such occult traditions with foreign and ignorant eyes considering they have long perished in the Western World

"For those interested in Philosophy today we often hear the remark"We have outgrown rituals and symbols. They belong to another age, some previous cycle that has spun it's time and long since vanished into the discard". But is it not more than passing strange that we should outgrow all that was beautiful in those worn-out ages and yet hug to ourselves the same vices that they served all too well? We have reedited and considerably amplified the first books of iniquity, but what of the Book of Beauty and Truth? 
Why have we not outgrown the evils of the past, how can we have outgrown its virtues ? How can a man say, "I live in new age" and steal more brazenly than Spartans, intrigue more muderously than the Eygptians, kill more wantonly than the Romans, and oppress more heartlessly than the Bramans?"

Manly P Hall

We never outgrow the past any more than we out grow our own childhood, for maturity is something added on. It is the complement, not the contradiction of that which for the child is the beginning, the point of unity from which all the rest springs like the oak from the acorn. The past is the abiding place of tender memories; of wise experiences. It is the fountain of beauty, life, and truth, and although this fountain flows through all ages to make fertile the distant corners of creation, yet shall it never be greater than its own source"
Manly p hall

Can ritualism be used for therapeutic purposes? Well we are after all vibrational forms of energy. So why can't chants and rhythms change our state of energy ? It seem undoubtedly plausible to me.

"By means of chants and mantras, which emphaized certain vowel and consonant sounds sounds, they set up vibratory reactions which dispelled congestions and assisted nature in reconstructing broken members and depleted organisms. They also applied their knowledge of the laws governing vibration to the spiritual constitution of man; by their intonings, they stimulated latent centers of consciousness and thereby vastly increased the sensitiveness of the subjective nature."Manly P Hall 

Say it is conceivable to develop a more artistic form of treatment where we use chants and rituals to heal the wounded and sick . Perhaps people lying in hospitals, sick and passive is horrible for their state of energy, and chants and rituals would be more suitable to heal such people

Oriental races have a keen realization of the dynamics of sound. They know that every spoken has tremendous power and that by certain arrangements of words they can create create vortices of force in the invisible universe about them and thereby profoundly influence physical substance.
Manly p hall

More significantly you see the Eygptian temples how they are rounded and are not square. Has it ever occur to us circular buildings are appropriate for ritualism since energy can flow more smoothly in it. As we mentioned above about the sick and wounded people, wouldn't it be better if they were held in a circular building where chants and rituals come into play? You decide. I'm hear to create questions and help us come to a better understanding of our existence but you ultimately make the decisions. Lets wisely bear this in mind!

"We have lost the art of ritualism - the science of divine dramatics - yet dissemination of philosophic verities it is often necessary to resort to figures and symbols to convey those subtle facts incommunicable by literal method. The only reason men demand that direct and simple is that they ignore those elements of life which cannot be stated directly. The Great Arcanum perpetuated through ages by diverse means depended upon ceremonial and processional for the exposition of certain principles, particularly concerned with aesthetics. The crassness of the our present attitude is largely responsible for the disregard for ritualism that exists in our national life" Manly p hall

Can Ritualism help us tap into does latent faculties in our minds so we can become greater beings? Lets starting pondering and asking such questions. Does it help us activate the potentialities within us? These are significant questions we should ask ourselves!

Better yet what do Rituals around Megalithic stone circles do to our consciousness, considering they put their to stimulate energies?!

Those should be some provocative question to feed your head with!

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