Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"It is beyond question that the great ancient design of the zodiac is a wondrously conceived graph aimed to depict the structure of the Logos, the pattern or creative evolution, the essential constitution of the universe and the course of the current in cosmos, and by analogy in man the mircrosomic replica of the macrocosm...Man..was to fashion his new body of spiritual "After the pattern of the heavens" the frame of the heavenly or zodiacal man, the primal Adam - Alvin Boyd Kuhn 

At the Delphic Oracle in Ancient Greece, the always - female pythian Priestess ingested venom extracted from the fang of a poisonous snake. In modulated doses, this poison induced an altered stated of consciousness, otherwise inaccessible to ordinary mortals. The tooth of the serpent, often combined with other mind-altering drugs, enabled these women to tap into something mysterious, and prophecize. The serpent in genesis, remember, coiled around The Tree Of Knowledge. The association among teeth, serpents, women and wisdom is very old one" Leonard  Shlain

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