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Enchanted Horrors Of The Double - Crested Sun Cult Of Doom

Two audacious ancient archological pursuers wanted to explore the perilous mysteries of their largely misfathomed planet, even if it led them to the precipice of irredeemable madness.
As long planned, for their irresistible inquiries into the realm of Weirdness. They expeditioned to the Bosian pyramids to explore the further subtleties and nuances that were doubtless overlooked by the other ancient archological pursuers, who were presumably ignorant about the long obscured esoteric symbolism that still has transcendental importance, for this age is heavily  bemused by the media's propaganda, and it's no wonder the virtual populace unwisely abides to such ludicrous claims fabricated by pseudo-historians.

However, there's secret societies, hidden in elusive obscurity who are arbiters of the alluring truths. They bear no publicity, or recognition. Their knowledge is only to the intiates. Members are found, not looked. When mankind increases in maturity for such expansive truths,  then they will make revelatory statements about our reality. As for the present our world is too dogmatic and chaotic for such transcendental truths that is beyond the populace kens. These two men happen to be initiates of this nameless society. The story I shall tell holds inconceivable importances to their livelihoods. As you shall see...

Well. anyway. Robert and Tony were long acquainted with  esotericism and the true alternate history of the world. Being rather thrilled about the unearthed pyramids in bosnia. They made the expedition to the bosnia pyramids to make further unconventional studies of the pyramids. As contemplated they figured the priest class of old hid certain arcane symbols from the uninitiated in them.

On arrival they sensed a foreboding allurance to the pyramids. Unsurprisingly, as expected their were soldiers making watchful surveillance of the place. They were undaunted, though, having attained masterful expertise in hypnosis. They approached them convivially, without a nervous quirk, and made a hypnotical utterance" You shall let us through lest you want troublous miseries" said Robert confidently, as he made subtle movements known to activate hypnotical entrancement in a person.

Later, inside the pyramid. the smell of penetrative putridity was almost intolerable, but not quite to give them discouragement for their explorations. Tony, out of the unknown, had a vision of cosmic delight. Queer, as it seems, he felt an impulsive urge to go to this statue of a snake-esque humanoid entity with tentacles around its mouth , and press gently on it's eyes.
When done they both were cognizant that the statue moved subtly. Curiously they pried the statue side-ways, and, to their bewilderment, it led to a spiral staircase that led to a room of bizarre crystals that shone effulgently. There were sculptural embeddments of a flamey crested-sun on the wall that had conclavic holes, with utterly weird hieroglyphic symbolism.

They long mused of their decipherments, and, finally Robert said " It makes most perfect sense this is a esoteric technological innovation of some sort, tony. In my conclusive fathoming I think we must put the crystals in the conclavic holes, and it will bend time & matter and lead us into a new worldly realm"

"Your esoteric sensibilities are sharp today", robert. said tony conclusively. So they slowly put the crystals in the conclavic holes. And, in absolute suddenness, hueic colourations came into emergence whilst the wall dripped away, like water.  Tony touched the wall, and it made a ripple affect like strange liquid, so they heroically plunged themselves into the wall and came to a world of wondrous oddments.

As they gazed about they saw trees with pinkish black flames manifestly burning. When they gazed upwards they saw the etheric, gaseous entities take on multiple formations, in pure delightful ease in the purple hueic scenery. In the far corner, on the edge of a cliff  stood a skeletal entity smoking a curvey elongated pipe. His exhalations manifestly formed into a stairway to them, in purplish hues. Behind him was an obsidian tower and above the tower was the double crested sun that was in intertwinement. The sun was pink, a dark sinister pink. We warily chose to ascend the fabricated stairs made by the exhalative smoke.

When fully ascended. The skeletal entity, who was wearing a silky robe, with arcanic symbols on it. His skull was goatish, and when they approached him" He said" Why thither to the double-crested cult sun of doom? lest you want wretched pleasures! said he, in formidable mirth, as he ripped open a portal and plunged away into an unspeakable abyss.

Fortunately this didn't thwart our audacity to venture into the unknown. On the pathway to the obsidian tower was a mystically inspired pathway of the most supernal shapes. It was conceived by dark blue stones, going up and down a hill to the obsidian tower. There they saw more gaseous entities of strange colourations giving them grimace expressions and hallucinatory visions when they neared them. At times,  they would slide underneath their feet giving them illusionary visions as though they were walking on a cosmic abyss.  however, they made intuitive discernments they were not and were left unperturbed.

As they approached the obsidian tower the clouds expressed thunderous vibrations, and to their eerie dismay. a pinkish lighting bolt struck a chuck off the tower, then a chuck of obsidian fell by them, and it morphed into an apparition that uttered an agonizing scream which almost immediately went into disappearance.

The door of the obsidian tower was qualitative opal marble, giving off wondrous reflections of the strange hueic cosmos. Up above was a orangish purple phoenix who flew in sheer velocity, making preternatural wormholic movements. Their contemplations was this remarkable creature possess mastery of time & space, and can go in & out of realms with remarkable ease.

The doors had a sculptural embeddment of the crested double sun in the opal marble that glowed in weird hideousness. The doors opened eerily, and agonizing murmurs were audible. As they walked in, on the passage way, both sides showed a multi-pleromic abysses, with permeative scenery of comets, and the middle, the only solid part was made of opal marble. They noticed that the gaseous entities were there making their illusionary visualizations. They, to their shrewd devilry, manifestly made a illusionary visualization where it seemed as though the passage way had fallen to the abyss. The men being keen to such illusionaries continued to walk, as if they were walking upon the abyss, without anything visibly supporting their bodies.

Near the end they saw another door in the shape of the double-crested sun, and beside it were opal marble statues of the snake-humanoid with tentacles around their mouth. The eyes had crystals in them showing strange abysses that emanated greenish hues. When they opened the double-crested sun door they heard enchanted murmurs of the womanly beauties inside. Upon entering the room they heard eloquent utterances of a hypnotical nature. There were women dancing, playing harps and drums.

Entranced by the womenly beauties and music they unquestioningly accepted their strange opiate drugs that were given to them in an opal, elongated hookah with mystically weird sculpted designs on it

Momentarily afterwards, amidst the indulgence, as they sat on top of silky cushions that had wild geometrical shapes on it. A women with red-hair purely nude who had a tattoo of the double-crested sun on her back came to them, and sat next them. She took an inhalative puff from the hookah, and then, as she exhaled the soupy smoke made an apparition. And she said "Welcome to the double-crested sun cult of Doom Nothing is what it seems". As she uttered this, the men noticed subtle shifts in their present appearances. The flashes of the demonic snakoids would make sudden morphs in & out of them. As they put away the strange opiate drug, and started to engage themselves in contemplative concentration. They became less heedless to their illusionaries, and saw for what their genuine identities were.... demonic entities with scimitar swords.

Upon their disconcerted realization they almost immediately fled, and went out the door as all the women transformed  into those entities. When by the door the opal statues of the entities lowered their swords in front of them to hold them back, so they smoothly ducked underneath them, and went onwards to the passage way. The gaseous entities took notice of them, and totally morphed the passage way. Undismayed, they went on it regardless of what had occurred. So the entities shrouded the door into an illusionary abyss, and to their keen discernments they were able to make out where the door used to be. When opening it seemed as though they were opening a portal into an unexplored world, deeming the door was shrouded in an illusionary visualization of an abyss.

When they arrived to the place from whence they came. They noticed they had one of the bizarre crystals in their bag, so they took it out. But to their ill-luck, they were devoid of knowledge as to how to get back, so robert decided to regress tony to see if can recollect any symbols in the Bosinan pyramids under his hypnosis.

It successfully worked. Tony drew a symbol on the orange sand, and to his repossessed knowledge, stuck the crystal in the middle of it, and then, in sheer suddenness, he made a esoterically inspired utterances to open up the portal. "Seeia kookfa baha baha baha baha Seeia kookfa baha baha baha baha Seeia kookfa baha baha baha baha Seeia kookfa baha baha baha baha  Seeia kookfa baha baha baha baha" uttered he, in supreme intensity.

The matrix of reality rippled open to the bosian pyramid, so they smoothly jumped into the other side, distraught from their perilous exploration into the unknown. As they ascended up the pyramid through the passage way that led outside they took recognition to the solider who had his back facing them. So robert approached him to give him hypnotical utterances. He padded the solider on the back and, to their horror, the solider had a tentacle face like the demonic entities, and uttered deadly mirth to their faces....

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