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Medieval Witchery And Their Use In The Mystical Powers Of Psychedelia

We rarely, truly conceptualize the occult powers of the mind and what wondrous potentialities it can conceive. Its rare occurrences in our culture which talk about esoteric notions that makes us joyously enlivened where we want to become greater beings. We our dumbed down by the common trivialities of what society has to offer to us what life is ultimately about.

When we hear about Witches shape-shifting into cats and birds we normally dismiss this as fanciful nonsense conjured up by superstitious folks who didn't  know what they were talking about. Yes it was a rather superstitious era indeed. However, there was a minority of folks who were still perpetuating the remnants of paganism in the Christendom era. Still doing the Rites and Rituals of their predecessors, the pagan forefathers and ancestors, and still continuing the use of psychedelia in those oppressive days of religious imperialism. What if shape-shifting into animals is totally, undoubtedly conceivable. Well, we thus far have concluded astral travel and out-of-body experiences are definitive phenomena's.  But has it ever occurred to you your astral body is devoid of physicality? Well, it is. So, theoretically speaking, wouldn't it be possible to shape shift your astral body if you gave it rigorous concentration to do this objective? Well, I find such notions plausible, without a doubt in my mind .

I'm of the opinion we are living in an era where we have enough metaphysically minded people ever before to re-examine the folk -tales and mythology of what they really meant. Consequently the mainstream culture has watered down their potency, and Power.  Needless to say they are still known to us in  the ancestral realm of our minds, The unconscious. It is now modernly known that the Witches Of The Middles ages indulged in Psychedelia, and long before that, too. In prehistory.

It is stated The witches would rub psychoactive ointments over their body to induce an out-of-body experience during their nightly ritual. The ointment was green which made their appearance particularly greenish. This is supposedly where the green archetypal Witch image specifically derives from.

"The people who became identified as "Witches" by the Church were in actuality  simply the practitioners of an ancient tradition"Night Travellers". In northern Europe they were called qveldriga "
"Night rider" or myrkrida. "rider in the dark". In Scandinavia there was the tradition of "seidhr, in which the prophetess or seidhonka would travel to farmsteads and hamlets  with a group of girls to give divinatory trance sessions. She wore a ritual costume and carried a staff. The goddess freya, who taught Odin the secrets of magical flight, was the patron of seidhr, and is shown in a twelfth-century mural Scheleswig cathedral, Germany, in a cloak of a seidhonka flying on a distaff. Her sister an alternate aspect, frigg, accompanies her, flying on a large stripped cat Night travellers and later witches are carelessly lumped together.
Depending on the time or place in they operated, the night travellers might join the hosts of Diana, or frau holda Mother holle, the Old Norse Hela - the veiled goddess of the underworld, whose sacred bird was the migrant snow goose

She is remembered in the nursery-rhyme image of Old Mother Goose, who, when she wanted to wander, we will recall, would fly through the air on a very find gander. Researcher Nigel Jackson has noted

"Celtic iconography from Dauphine shows the goddess Epona riding upon a goose in flight. The high calls of the migrant geese on winter nights were poetically perceived as the baying of the spectral hounds by folk in the north of Europe and are closely linked with flight of the wild hunt in celtic and germanic regions. The german witch Agnes Gerhadt said at her trial in 1596 that she and her companions transformed themselves into snowgeese in order to fly to the sabbat

Medival "witches" sometimes rubbed themselves with the goose grease, perhaps enriched with hallucinogenic herbs, as a symbolic gesture of supernatural flight. Duerr remarks that the flight were known as "Grease Flights" and the night Travelers themselves were called "grease birds" or"Land Wings"
The antiquity of the image of the night-flying woman is shown by such insances as the scene in "the Golden Ass, written by Lucius Apuleius in the second century A.D. in which a women is seen herself all over with an ointment, muttering a charm, turning into an own, and flying off over rooftops. The night traveller and later the "Witch" surely represented the vestiges of archaic Indo-European shamanism: she is the last echo of traditional ecstatic experience in Europe, an echo the church effectively silenced by intimidation, widespread persecution, and sheer murder" 
The Long Trip 
Paul Devereux

"The winter snows were said to be feathers falling down from these birds wings. (The goose or gander was a widespread symbol of shamanic spirit flight, ranging from the iconography of Siberian shamans to the literature of Vedic to Archological  finds of geese effigies in the grave of inuit-Eskimo-shamans"

We should not dismiss this in a reductionistic manner when we have such phenomena's as Out-Of-Body-Experiences. This rules out the possibility we can't leave our physical bodies, and much more significantly our state of consciousness is not confined in our mind's. It comes from a higher source of being.  We're living in an era of brutal disenchantment, I think it's about time we take the occult sciences seriously and become more metaphysically minded about reality and look at what our ancestors said with  fresh, new perceptions. Perhaps this may make life a bit more enchanting and lucid for us. Why not improvise with such notions of the occult potentialities of THE MIND?  it's ultimately your choice!

It is known the South American Natives can  shape-shift into animals when they enter into alter-states of consciousness. So when we take a examination of the Mythology of World and hear people transforming into animals should we become maturely considerate, and say to ourselves "Did they enter into a trance which altered their state of consciousness and had an out-of-body where they transformed into animalistic formations? Why not be open to the occult potentialities of our Mind's? Astrality is not solid, and that's suffice to say it can transform into other shapes!
Heed to this 

"Animal transformation  is a primary aspect of the hallucinogenic, whether it is a shaman in the Amazon turning into jaguar, or Westerner subject in psychological experiment"                                                The Long Trip 
Paul Devereux

The Flim, Emerald Forest shows you subtly the occult potentialities of the Mind, if you have the sharp, metaphysical perception to see it, that is, If so, it should be really explicit. You should be astonished.


I like to show my homages to The Secret Sun, The Occult Of Personality and Red ice creations for giving such qualitative offerings of Metaphysical goodnees!

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